Okay this is my first fanfic so it may not be the best but i hope its good. c:


18. Runaway

-Ashley's POV-

I hate doing this to Zayn but I have to for the best. "Harry wake up the alarm went off." We have to leave early so they won't see us. I kept shaking him until he woke up. 'Oh yeah okay let's get going."  Me and Harry are going to Wadley Georgia, a farm my grandpa used to live on. It'll be good to be out of the way from alot of things. I know the place good, the food is perfect. The country air is good with horses and everything. "Haz are you ok with my grandpas old farm?" "I think it'll be great." He looked at me and smiled. He really isn't so bad but i still love Zayn obviously. 

-Skip the 6 hour drive-

"Okay right here... turn turn turn." "I know i know ok." It's so empty, yeah it's the same but it feels different with my grandparents gone. "It pretty nice, there's a pool, a couple barns. It's cute and cozy." He laughed. "Yup and the horses have caretakers since nobody else could feed them but we cam keep them working in all." "Yeah I don't know how to work with them so yeah."  We grabbed our things and I showed him our room. It feels so much like home. I missed it all. 

"Harry you want to go get food?" "Yeah sure where." "Like the best place on earth, not really but it's really good, oh and i'm driving." "Okay okay."  I grabbed my grandpas old car keys, now mine, to the big truck. "Your gunna have fun on this." I walked out and got in the truck. "Wow you have like all these cars now." "I know i'm so excited." He had a sparkle in his eye when I looked at him. 

When we ate it wasn't weird at all he made me laugh. The food was so good. "So can i show you the lodge." I asked  "Sure." "Yesss!" I'm so happy to be back here. Were just going to stay the  night there. "This place is huge!" Harry said "I know I love it here."  "I can see"  He starred at me, i smiled slightly and looked away. "C'mon to the big bedroom. " I grabbed his hand and pulled him in the room. "Look you can see the stars right there." I pointed at the ceiling. "Yeah i see them." He was still looking at me. I looked at him and hugged him. 

Harry sat down right under the stars in the chair so i just sat right on top of him. I layed my head  on his chest. I just looked up the stars. His hands were messing with my hair and he was looking down at me, I could tell. 


-Zayn's POV-

-rewind like 8 hours-


I woke up to Isabella on me. I pushed her off and she didn't move. I walked out of her room into mine. The cleaning lady was in side. "excuse me." I looked inside her stuff was gone. Ashley's things were gone. I ran back to my room, Harry's things were gone.  What the hell. "Isabella get up!" "Whatt?" "Where is Harry and Ashley?" "Why would i know?" "WEll they are not here." "I guess she just left you because she knew you were mine." She then like attacked my face. I pushed her off. "No." " Oh yeah I forgot to tell you yesterday i'm pregnant. With your child." She smiled. To me it was evil.

"What??" "Yup your my baby's daddy." Oh god now how is Ashley going to react ugh I can't even tell her. So I just won't "Oh god." "Your stuck with me I don't believe in abortion." Another evil smile appeared on her face. 


-Ashley's POV-

It's been 4 months, so i'm 5 months pregnant. Things have been amazing. Each day I start to like harry more and more to the point I think I love him but I don't know for sure. I have a belly now and it's hard to get around. Harry has been the most sweetest thing, Things now have been getting better. More people are not depressed  people are going to Church and everything.



-Sorry can't make this long i'll try to write tomorrow and/or friday yeah yeah yeah stuff gunn happen next chaptah so be ready.--   

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