Okay this is my first fanfic so it may not be the best but i hope its good. c:


7. Our day

-Zayn's POV-

Well now that it's 12 it's the 31st New Year's Eve yeahhha. I'll call Perrie now.It started to ring then it she answered. "Hello." This wasn't her. "Um hay is Perrie there?" "Yeah in the bathroom i'll get her in a minute." "Who is this though?" "Her boyfriend." He told me, my heart dropped she was cheating on me. "Oh cool well i don't need to talk to her anymore thanks though." "alright dude, bye." "Bye." I was crying the girl i loved have been cheating on me. How long though. Gosh i'll just break up with her later since she is busy.... with another guy. I'll just sleep crying.

*Next Morning*

-Ashley's POV-

"OMG i'm soo happy, we are hanging out with THE One Direction." I screamed. " Be quiet you dated one." "I didn't know k he lied, oh well we're still friends." I smiled. " Yeah yeah c'mon let's go over." Gracie said. We headed over to their room and knocked on the door. "Helllo gals" Liam said."Hayy." We both said. "LOUISSS they're here." "Hayy ba- Ashley." "aha hay."  "So what are we doing today?" Gracie asked "Umm well i just wanted to stay here so ya'll can know more about the boys, or one of us can have you for an hour." "Umm okay aha okay i guess." "OKAYY BOYSS." "Whatttt." They all said. So what we're doing is i'm gunna spend an hour with each of them today while Gracie stays with them. Then tomorrow she's doing the same thing."So who am i going with first?" "MEEEEE." Liam of course. We just went out for ice cream and talked he's still going out with Danielle aww. Now Niall. We went jetskiing that was funn omg we raced and all. "Now who ?" "I wannnnaa goo" Harry chuckled. "Okay where too. He smirked, were going para-sailing which means i'm gunna be right. to him, oh god. Wow now that was amazing.

Now Louis uhh awkward time. "So where are we going?" "Just for a walk." "Good" I smiled. "Watcha wanna talk about then?" I asked Louis."Um i broke up with Eleanor." "Louis why??" "For you please give me another chance i know i was wrong but please." He did i can't though, i got in this once, just no. "Lou i can't." "What do you have to loose?" "Me." We just kept walking in silence. "Can we go back now?" I asked "Yeah sure." He more of mumbled. 

Once i got back it was Zayn's turn, he's been quiet all day. I wonder why. "K now where?" "well i just wanted to be away from everybody so, my room haha we can just talk." "OMG yeahh i'm so tired now aha." "Okay cool." "Why are you quiet today?" I asked "Ohh ya know feeling low aha." Well i'm gunna make you not low,  come here." "What?"  I went and grabbed his hands and started jumping around. "See just let it all out." I was dancing so stupidly. He just burst into laughter. "Don't laugh at the style." I laughed though. " Well it's kinda hard when you look like a flopping fish." "OMG THANKS." i'm  laughing harder. "okay okay we let it out haha." I said. "Yeaha." He said. "So what about Perrie?, how's that going?" "umm well okay i haven't told them yet but, i found out she's cheating on me." "OMG, I so sorry i shouldn't have asked." "No it's fine i'll dump her today." He smiled huh not like me. "That's the spirit aha." I told him. "Okay i think the hour is up." He said. "Aww but it's cool in here aha." "I know it is aha." We both headed out to the living room. "Okay boys we'll see you tomorrow." Gracie said. "Byee." They all said and we gave each other hugs. Zayn and Louis' hugs were longer then the others. I liked it.



-So i like this chapter :) hope you all do too c; k byebye honey booboo's.-



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