Okay this is my first fanfic so it may not be the best but i hope its good. c:


1. Never Say Never

My life has changed so much since that day everybody's love for song, gone. Nothing has ever been as good as them. Light turned dark. We all just lost hope for them to come back. Which they didn't and they never will. Liam James Payne and Harry Edward Styles. Killed, murdered, shot down, burned, assassinated, gone. But nobody really knows how or when, they just disappeared  The only things found was their cold dead bodies. 

Why you say the world is dark? Well things have changed since I was 17. It all disappeared, happiness, nothing. Only some people believe we can change the world like me and my best friend. Everybody gave up i just hate it. Gracie(my best friend) and I are in a group, a group to change the world. Get it back to the light, brightness for people. You can see it in their eyes when they believe. Our group is strong and we wont go down. Some people did this, like the One Direction incident. I'm sad of it i'm a HUGE directioner and so is Gracie, plus  were the leaders of the group which makes me work harder.

Okay off that talk so i'm Ashley 19 year old detective for BTLA or Bring The Life Association. Once this is all sorted out i'm going to fulfill my dream, being a singer have always wanted to be one. Before the world turned dark i was going to tryout for X-Factor, but didn't. I have long blonde wavy hair and my eyes are green with blue outline. My best friend Gracie has light blonde hair and blue/grey eyes. You can look straight into her heart by looking into her eyes.

My life, my life is hard. My parents are divorced and both of them left me. They think my group is foolish, that i won't get anywhere with it. They think our souls will die out and we all will die. So the world will also just die out, at least they think that. I don't even care anymore though, two years being on your own you learn how to get over it and other things. I don't know them anymore so oh well. At least I live with the brightest best person ever, Gracie. Her parents also gave up. They all don't believe in us, everything we do, they think it's stupid. Sometimes you have to get over it all.   

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