Okay this is my first fanfic so it may not be the best but i hope its good. c:


2. Light

There really isn't school and if there was nobody would bother to go. Also there isn't any laws, nobody does anything just watching people die is there happiness. I don't know how they like it, it's sad. Oh well i should go to the Bahamas , yeah i'll tell Gracie. "HAY GRACIE!" i screamed as i walked to her room. "WHAT!, i wanna sleep." " Well you won't wanna sleep when i tell you we're going to the Bahamas!" "REALLYY?" " yeaha i want to get away from it all." "okay that's a good idea." "okay you go pack because i'm booking a flight for today." "uhhh but uhhh fineeee." she's so lazy. " They only have a small plane to the Bahamas." i told Gracie. "That's fine it's still a plane" "true, true." i said.

I packed my clothes and i packed like all of them same with Gracie we pack alot. " We should stay there for a while, more people are happy there, they actually listen to fun music." "I guess whatever I just want away." "Haha yesss."

We headed to the airport and waited for our little plane. What i like about airports is that alot of people are just cool. Then there are always that couple guys that have on big coats and weird hats. They freak me out, they're just ehh scary. 

"So Gracie want food before we leave?" "yeah maybe a donut." " WHERRE i want someeee." " See like a snack." We got our donuts and went to the plane finally it got there. Hopefully we won't have any freaky guys in our plane, since it's small it's worse.

Just what i wanted FIVE not one freaky guy in a trench coat and hats. Yaye i'm so happy." Gracie loook" I pointed at the guys. "What about them?" "They have big coats they're freaky." "omg we see people like them every day" she's the smart one for sure. "Well it just feels more odd." "Whatever." She like's to be right. Oh well.  "I'm gunna take a nice nap k?" "alright me too." "If i wake up first i'll wake you up, you do the same if you wake up first." i told Gracie." oh alright now hush."


- I'll post two chapters today since i didn't yesterday i felt really bad but yeah two chapters so yeah byeee now.-


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