Okay this is my first fanfic so it may not be the best but i hope its good. c:


5. Just why.

-Louis' POV-

Oh my gosh how could i be so stupid i mean erghh. I started to head back to the hotel I don't think Ashley know's i'm staying across the hall. I'll just have to get over it all. "Hay Niall i'm back." " Oh hey, were you crying?" "Uh um no." " Dude i can tell, why?" " Nothing okay" " Alright but i think we all should go to eat downstairs ok?" "Yeah good."

-Ashely's POV-

This all just makes me mad knowing he here and what he did oh well i'll have to get over so. " Hay Gracie should we go eat?" "Yeah i'm STARVING!" "Of course you are." "Let's goo." " OKAY." Gracie screamed. we went down the elevator and put our names down. Once they called us we went down to a circle table. " Nice little area, "okay now that i got here i'm so hungry." " Well you already know i was." I did know of course, we live together. "People yaye" " Oh be quiet." Oh great just the person i was looking for, Louis, but i don't know who else he's with only Niall him and Zayn are alive, but there are more then 3? " Gracie look Louis, Niall, and Zayn." "omgomgomgomgomgomgomgomg then who are the others?" "don't freak out k aha i don't know" " Maybe we should talk-" " NO" "why?" " Just no." " Okay?" We both ordered and kept talking.

-Louis' POV-

Maybe i should talk to her Ashley, she probably won't though. "Hay i'll Be right back i'll just be other there." Pointing behind me "Okay." I walked and sat right next to Ashley. I think her friend knows who i am by the look on her face. "Can i talk to you, in private?" I whispered to her."Why?"  I need to." Instead of an answer i grabbed her and took her outside. "What??" "I told you i needed to talk to you." "Why so you can try to clear up everything no i won't forgive you i'm not like the others I've learned." She was starting to tear up same with me."No listen i love you okay i'm sorry." "Your not because if you loved me then you would have broke up with Eleanor and told me the truth." She walked off on me crying, once again i am, how could i be so stupid i ruined everything. I walked back to my table and only saw weird looks at me. "Dude why are you crying?" Niall asked me."What about that girl?" Zayn asked.I kept quiet.

-Ashley's POV- 

Great more crying. " What the hell happened???" The first thing out of Gracie's mouth. "okay fine i'll tell you, later it;s not the right time." "Okay okay" Our food came and we ate and went back to the room.

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