Okay this is my first fanfic so it may not be the best but i hope its good. c:


17. I shouldn't Have.

-Ashley's POV-

"Should we look around for him?" I asked. "Well where were y'all going?" "Um Tampa I think." "Okay where in Orlando so we can just drive there." " we need a car." Ugh this is going to be fun.  "Okay then we'll just go to a rental place." I know.  "kk." 

We went to the rental place it had some cute small cars. Once we got ours it was a truck, but I like trucks so i was fine. Our 2 hour drive was silent and awkward. Once we got there it was almost dinner so we decided to stop at a small little hotel. WE checked in and went to our room. "So you want to get something now? or in an hour." I asked Harry. "I guess in a hour I need a nap." "Okay i'm going for a walk." "Bye." I didn't have to answer him. 

I walked out of our room and pulled out my itouch. I looked down and walked into this pretty lady. "Excuse me." I looked at her and she smiled, she seemed nice.  I walked out to the pond in the back and just sat there. Nobody else was around except for me, my time. I slowly began to get sad. Will I ever see Zayn again? 

-An Hour Later- 

After just sitting there I went back to the room. "Harry get up." "I'm up don't worry." He sat up and put his shoes on. "Alright so where do you want to go?" "How about the apple bees next door." I love Apple-Bees it's so good. "is it Saturday?" I hope it is because it'll be karaoke night yay." "Umm yeah I think,, ohh I see where you going." He smiled and laughed.

I walked outside and we went off to Apple Bees, there weren't that many people, yet. We both ordered our drinks. "The karaoke is started wanna sign up?" I asked him. "OK fine. I put Love Song down i love that song. "So what did you put?" I asked Harry." "Rock Me" He winked, I rolled my eyes.  The Karaoke man said, "Okay we are now starting Karaoke and our first person is Kennedy." Once she started singing me and Harry were about to burst. "Okay she's terrible." We whispered. "maybe she's doing it for fun shs." I was cracking up. 

"Okay Kennedy good job." He didn't  mean it. "Next up is Harry." "WOO, Go Harry!!" I cheered him on, I haven't heard him sing it alone. He kept went on it was nice and people were starting to recognize him, even the scary dark people. Once he finished he was surrounded. He then left and came back to me. "Your turn I'm pretty sure." Oh god I get so nervous." "Okay now up Ashley." "Go gurl."  Harry laughed i had a sly smile. 

The song started. I came out with my power. Then somebody came inside I was singing to him now. Zayn and the pretty girl I bumped into, huh. He hasn't seen me yet. I kept on signing until I was done. Finally he saw me. I walked up to him and gave him a hug like I hadn't seen him in years. 

"Oh my god how did you get here??" "Harry was on the same plane as me and soo." "wait harry, it could be a trap." "nope he was going away from them all, trust me." "Okay okay, well this is Isabella she was on the plane with me and wanted to help." "I'm so happy I found you, haha hey I'm Ashley." This girl looked pissed. She shook my hand anyway.

I showed them to my seat. Isabella like pushed me away from Zayn's side, this hoe who does she think she is? I sat by Harry. This lady isn't so nice afterall. "So how has it been?" Zayn was all shaky. "Good, good." This was so awkward. 

We did more karaoke Isabella wasn't leaving. We also was staying at the same hotel too. Isabella had stayed with Zayn, but not tonight. I walked into Harry's and Isabellas's room,now. Got my things and walked outside where Isabella was. "Um why do you have your clothes?" "because i'm going to stay with my boyfriend." "Um well I don't think he wants you." She pushed me, really i'll freaken cut you. "How would you know?" I rolled my eyes at her. "I have my sources." She looked at me up and down. "She walked into Harry's room. "Slut." I whispered. 

Zayn and I went to our room and it was trashed clothes every where a couple of beers here an there. " Wow kinda messy huh." "Yeah sorry." Zayn walked up to me and kissed me. 

-Next morning-

"Babe that was amazing." Zayn said. "Yeah." We also had sex... I felt so guilty and mad.

-Next month-

It's been an easy month Isabella hasn't left yet though. I feel so bad. Wait. My period never came. Shit. "Hay babe you and  Harry go do something today I feel really bad so I don't want you sick, I'm going to go to a doctor." "Are you sure you don't want me to go with you." "No,no fine."

-At the Doctor's-

"Ma'am uh my period didn't come in, can you do something." "Oh your may be pregnent." Yeah I know that.  "Ok you can come right away." 

After it all, I was preggo crap crap crap. I'm to young for this.  Me and Harry did it, what if it's his. "excuse me, is there any way you could do a dna test now?" "Um i guess, but i'll have to call your phone to tell you." "Can I just wait here, please." "Sure that'll be just fine." What a nice lady. I waited three hours but at least I know now. 





"Looks like it's Mr. Styles congratulations." I started to bawl. "Oh wrong one crap i'm so sorry." The lady came over to me and patted my back. "Here take some tissues." "Thanks." I laughed a little what am I suppose to do know runaway from him? I wouldn't.  "Thanks for everything though." I smiled at her. "Hay if you need anything,anything I'm here, I know what your going through." "Okay I will." I smiled a me, she handed me a piece of paper with her number. I smiled and left. I guess we're going to be good friends.

I have a phone now so I put her in and decided to call Harry. "Hello." "Harry if your with Zayn leave for the restroom or something." "Okay ." 'Harry" I started to tear up. "I'm pregnant, with your baby." "Oh my god i'm so sorry I could have done something to stop this but oh god, Zayn." "I know I don't know what to do!" I was crying. "Hey i'll say there is a emergency with Isabella and meet you by the park ok." "Okay." I wiped my tears and hung up 

I saw Harry walking, he ran for me. He hugged me, more tears. "I'm so sorry." He was a little teary too. "It's not your fault." "I don't know." "But what should we do?" I looked straight at him. "We should leave, I'll talk care of you and OUR baby, get a house. We can be a family and I promise I won't hurt you. Ever." "I don't know Harry." "Look it's ok you can still love him, but right now my gay feelings have gone and my feelings for you have grown stronger." I looked into his eyes. "I still don't know Harry this is all so much right now." "I know I know." We stopped talking and went back .

"Zayn's not in my room so i'll just get my stuff now." I starred into my bedroom. I went to the car and put all my things in. "I have my stuff too."  Okay Okay." Well let's go to your room." We walked and closer we got all you would here is noises. I looked the the peep hole that slut was rubbing up against Zayn. "Omg. Let's go to my room."  "I uh." Harry went to my room I locked my door and everything so Zayn couldn't get in.

"I'm going to sleep,you?" "Yeah yeah, here come lay with me you need somebody right now." Harry said. I layed down with him. I snuggled up in his chest and fell asleep in his warm soft tattooed arms.





-well I havent posted in forever and this :( Zaynie isnt like this ...but he cheated on Perrie  :((((((((((((( I have may say there fake or not him but idk. I hope you like it i'll post when i can.-

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