Okay this is my first fanfic so it may not be the best but i hope its good. c:


14. Girlfriend

-Ashley's POV-

"-Together?" Who the hell? "Um who are you?" "It's Louis duh who else would it be?" It can't be he wouldn't just not tell me he did this after two weeks."Well you weren't my only boyfriend ever. can't be Louis." He's not that harsh? "Your right it's Jake." Oh shit. Him. The boy I loved so much in high school. Until he dumped me for the popular girl. I know his tricks besides i'm practically Zayn's girlfriend. Right? No, I don't even know. 

"How?" My voice was trembling now, what am I suppose to do and here. "Well you got to get some good things in life right." "You are not a good thing." He started walking closer. "You sure about that?" "Yup, why do you even want me here?" This world is retarded. "Oh I heard about Louis, he cheated huh, you deserve somebody better." "I do, not you."

-Zayn's POV- 

These people. At least they left now. I started walking to my room. I was looking at the floor when i looked up i went into Harry's room on accident. "Crap" I whispered. I looked around though and found a note on the mirror, I just have to read it. 'Travel out 15 miles North and 8 miles west to find our island, bring her and we'll talk about what we should do'. "LOUIS!!!" Oh my god Harry i a part of this, is that why there always gone? "WHATT" "Harry took her." I look straight at him."You can't be serious?" I showed him the note. His mouth dropped.

"We have to get her." I screamed almost. "I know i know." We both rushed out the door. "Maybe we can catch them they left like ten minutes ago." I hope we can find them. " I don't know we could like follow them or just go straight there." He has good ideas. "Yeah I guess, i'm pretty sure this is on a different island so we'll go on boat." I told Louis.

"Yeah okay let's go." We were already running we can't help it. Once we got to the boat rentals we got in and I used my phone as a compass. If I do find them I don't know who's going to be there or anything.

-23 miles later.-

We end up at a tiny island with a building in the middle. "How are we going to get in?" Louis asked. "I have no clue, wait we could like sneak in somehow." "Okay find a way." This place is being held up by metal poles so we  can go under the building. "Hey we can like see if any of the flooring is loose and push it up." I told Louis. "Yeah good idea."

Bad idea. We ended up right in the meeting room. "So you boys found us already." Harry,Liam, Gracie, and Niall are here and this guy and Fizzy. What the. "Yeah where is she?" Louis looks so confused. "Oh we'll show you." "Wait Fizzy???" Louis asks. "Yeah, Eleanor was better." "My god." Louis says. They show us where Ashley is. Before we both ran to her they handcuffed me right then and pushed us on the ground. 

-Ashley's POV-
"Oh my god Zayn." I start to touch his face, i'm not handcuffed. "Ashley." He smiles. I've missed that smile so much. "Let me get you out of those." I had the keys, I never gave them back once this lady gave it to me. Louis was here to huh. I took both their handcuffs off and hugged them both.

"How?" "Zayn here looked in Harry's room to find a note saying where you were." Louis said. Harry, Harry, Harry took me here?? "Wait Harry took me here??!!" I knew something was up since i met him.

"Yeah...and Liam, Niall, and Gracie."Zayn says. "My best friend, wait not anymore." I start crying. "why?" Zayn holds me and rocks me. "hey it's ok she wasn't real, you have me." Zayn said.

I then noticed Louis was outside locking the door. "What the heck, did he plan this?" Zayn screams. "Oh my god." How could they do this. "They're stupid!" I stand up and started kicking the walls just every where. "Stop! It's fine we'll find a way to get out just not today." Zayn calms me down, his amazing voice just makes me stop everything. 

I slide down in  dark corner and Zayn came over and wrapped his arm around me. "Where going to be okay." His beautiful voice soothed me. I'm just there crying on him like a retard. "This world is already jacked up, and now our 'friends' are those stupid people." I can't take this any more it's all stupid.

"It's okay if there is somebody for you, like me." He looked straight into my eyes. My heart just melted when i saw those big brown jewels. "Aw." We just kissed. His lips are like heaven to me soft and pure. The passionate one, were you know he cares and you can't let go to easy. We pull apart and just stare into each others eyes. 

"You know what I forgot to ask you?" Zayn says. I get my dinosaur stampede again. "What." I bite my lip. "Will you be my girlfriend?" He just. "Yess." I smiled and kissed him. "You just made me forget we were locked inside a dark room in the middle of nowhere."  I blushed, hopefully it's dark enough where he can't tell. "Well I bet." He smiled that perfect smile of his.

"So arn't I better than Louis?" "Wayy better." I smiled. He is Louis wasn't such a good boyfriend. "I knew it." I started to fall asleep in his arms again. I then forget about all the bad things that has happened and only think of the best reason, Zayn.







-Hay hay hope you like this c: So i'm not going to post a new chapter tomorrow but I will Tuesday. Tomorrow I'm posting my new fanfic YAYE.  I'm excited :) It's a Liam Fanfic so be ready :D yeahh it's going to be good i can feel it okay hope some of yall read it <3 byee -

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