Okay this is my first fanfic so it may not be the best but i hope its good. c:


13. Find Me

-Zayn's POV-

Louis and I went out searching. "Lou do you think they left the island?" I asked starring into nothing."I don't know." What if I don't find her i'll feel like it's my fault. Even if I just met her a couple weeks ago she's too amazing to let go that fast and give up so easy. I will find her no matter how long and hard it is. (LOLOLOL long and hard okay okay...story).

"k so you wanna look one way and I look another to cover more ground, or look together?" Louis asked. "Together because if you find her i would want to be there." "Yeah i get it." This all feels different I don't know why, Louis seems to nice since what happened two days ago. We asked so many people if they've her, showing a pic, nobody has. "should we just go back, it's getting dark we can look tomorrow." Louis said. "Yeah i guess" I looked away.

There are always what ifs, what if i can't find her she'll be gone forever because of one potty break.

-Ashley's POV-

It's been two weeks no body knows where i am, I don't even know. I could be here for months. These people are stupid to keep me hostage because one thing. Is Zayn looking for me? He probably isn't I'm just a girl in a dark world with cold souls. No one could possibly be looking for me. I just realized Louis he didn't take me. He still has some good left. 

"Hay hoe." this chick screamed handing me food. "Is it really necessary for the hoe part? This, what y'all idiots are doing is jacked up. Why keep me here when you could just take Louis since he's the one that cheated." I spit some out, i have more.

"Huh well i think it's more fun having you here." I saw some of her hair it's brown. " freak " i whispered. " excuse me?" "Oh nothing." I smiled and as i turned it faded. She finally walked out.

"Hey." It was a deep voice kind of. "hi?" I'm confused they don't just say hey...."So you want to get back-

-Zayn's POV- 

Two weeks i'm going crazy, Louis went off somewhere i'm pretty sure for a drink. I have to find her I can't wait.

For the first time in a long time I'm home when Gracie, Liam, Niall, and Harry are here. It's awkward they're different, like they don't care about us anymore. I think Gracie and Niall are going out now. Harry has a love for Louis. Liam, he's been hard on himself since Dani. 

Where could they go they are all so close and now i'm the one alone. 

-Gracie's POV- 

I've been hanging out with Harry,Liam and Niall a lot, so what. Sometimes Ashley get's so annoying and i've  been tired of her i'm glad she's gone. 

I walk up to Niall and kiss his perfect Irish cheek. He grabs my hand and intertwines our hands. "so where have you guys been?" Zayn asks , I look away I don't like him or Louis it's just grown on me. He saw it and rolled his eyes, my god see. "Can we like leave?" I whisper.

"GO AHEAD." Zayn screams. "I'm so sick of you k you just go around acting like an ass and acting like a freaking girl who is perfect, No you are not you leave your best friend and now i'm the only one looking for her." I want to slap him. He shouldn't talk to me that way.

-Niall's POV- 

He has a bit of a point but I love her can't help it. I don't know what's happened we were all best friends 'til crap happened. I like this but sometimes i want i back.

"Dude, sometimes you go to far." I told Zayn. " Oh I go to far?  I'm the one freaking trying to save a girl nobody has seen her in two weeks!" I don't know who's side to choose. 

-Liam's POV-

"Shut up! Yea Gracie you can be an ass sometimes, but really now you don't even care about your best friend." She's gotten really selfish i hate it but i deal with it everyday.



-xdfcvgbhjknm poopoopoopoopoop so i won't post my new fanfic 'Gone' til monday so tomorrow the next chapter in this will be wayy better and longer lololololol okokok.... hope you will like it and this :) yaye -

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