Okay this is my first fanfic so it may not be the best but i hope its good. c:


10. Crazy

-so sorry this weekend has been crazy, my phone kinda got killed and I switched my rooms. Plus i'm having the walking dead obsession yeah so i don't know how long i can make this since i have school but i'll try c: -


-Ashley's POV-

I woke up laying in Zayn's arms, I smiled at him sleeping, at how he likes me, just everything was perfect so far. It was 12 wow i'm surprised nobody woke us up. I tried to get up but his grip got tighter. "Don't go." He whispered in that morning voice. "I'm not going anywhere I was just going to  see if anybody else is up." 'I'll go with you" He stretched and got up, how adorable. "Okay" I smiled. I started going to the door, then it happened again. BOOM!!!!Oh god not now. I ran out into the living room. "Louis stop don't go back to this."I screamed. "What are you talking about?"Zayn asked "Just go in the room." "No I can't leave you out here with him, but what is he doing?" "Wait, Louis calm down." BOOM! "Stop now." He won't calm down, the last time this happened was when I was 'making out with somebody' it was another girl her looked like me from behind. "What's happening?" Zayn keeps asking. "Just let me talk to him i'll tell you later." "k" I walk closer to Louis.

"Lou calm down." "NO OKAY your supposed to be mine okay no, I LOVE YOU. Then your off sleeping with ZAYN. I'm better then him and you know that your just to stuck up to tell me!" Oh god this is worse then last time. "I fell asleep okay we were watching Happy feet ok."Zayn's eyes are wide open he's never seen this. "NO your probably lying to me like that one time!" He picked up a chair. Oh no. "LOUIS STOP." I didn't move when he swung, he almost hit me. "OMG did I hit you babe??" "I'm NOT your babe." The chair landed across the room. "Yes you are aha your mine." He grabbed my arms really tight. "OWE let go, next thing I see is Zayn running at Louis he grabs him and sets me free. I can't, I started crying. Louis somehow got glass and hit Zayn against the head. No,no,no, this can't happen. "Zayn!" He was knocked out. Where are the others when i need them? Louis grabbed me. " NOO LET ME GO!" "Why would you want to go? Babe" "still NOT you babe." He grabbed my hands this time and practically dragged me to my room, he took my key and locked my door.

"Lou please don't." "Sorry your mine." He started kissing me i tried and tried to push him off but he wouldn't move . He used all his strength, then he got his tongue in my mouth. I hate him, he doesn't even know what he's doing. He kept kissing me, his hands went to my boobs. I got free and slapped him. Then I took a lamp and hit him with it. He fainted, I ran next door and poured water on Zayn. He started to wake up. "What he do to you, are you okay, did he hurt you?" "Calm down i didn't die." I laughed. "But he took you and I was here and did nothing." "Don't be so hard on yourself." Right then Gracie, Niall, Harry, and Liam came in laughing, The house was a mess and I was holding Zayn's face so close to mine. "What they heck happened??"Liam screamed. "Louis." We both scremed. "Wait how did you get away?" "Well i knocked him out with a lamp." I laughed. "YOU WHAT!" They all screamed. "You don't know what happened it's fine, now." They all gave us confusing looks."Okay he went back to his crazy self. I went out with him for a long time and before you all knew him he was 'Zach' right. Well he was crazy he did drugs I helped him get out out of it. I guess the craziness of the drugs came back to him, he couldn't have had any i believe, but yeah he went crazy." 




-Yeah it was short i know sorry i'll post more tomorrow I just have to bring an F up because Civics is stupid yeah I promise I will it's just all the crap happening jbut i hope you like this  (: Yeah i know Louis wouldn't be like this but it makes it better, to me but yeah bye c: -

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