Okay this is my first fanfic so it may not be the best but i hope its good. c:


3. Coats

"WAKE UP GRACIE!" "what, what Ohh." "Yeah we're here." "thank god" "I know right, okay so we're staying at Atlantis, it's amazing i've been there before." i told her. "Yaye let's go i wanna get out of here." We stepped off the plane and both our mouths dropped i mean it was beautiful, amazing. So many smiles, Ahh my type of place. " Okay let's go inside and get our room." i said looking around. "alright." "Crap, freaky guys in big coats are staying here." " Your still worrying." Gracie laughed. "Okay were room 436" i turned around and bumped into one of the guys with a big coat. "OMG, IM SOO SORRY." i told them but didn't look at them they're still creepy. "Oh that's fine." huh British accent, yummy. OKAY thoughts." C'mon Gracie." " okay." 

"Look our room" Gracie yelped, she's happy, so am i. " Okay ready 1, 2, 3, OPEN." i almost screamed."Oh my god." We both said. "It's so pretty ergh." "yess, oops i left a bag outside be right back." I said to her and came back inside. "We just can't escape them like really the freaky guys in the big coats are across the hall UHHH." I whined. " Okay that is kinda creepy just forget about it though." Gracie told me. "Yeah forget about it we will probably cross over them everyday." I fought back. "Oh whatever."let's just head out and walk around find places to eat k?" i asked. "Yeah we're on vacation let's go out." Gracie said, I don't like talking about what happened so we went.

"Ahh we should go get something to eat."I said to Gracie. " YES, I'm STARVING." she screamed. "OKAY let's goo and eat at the hotel." i told Gracie. " More like castle" "TRUE DAT." I don't know why i screamed but i'm just happy. "Well then miss." Gracie laughed at me. " Yeah i'm just excited !" "I can see." she was still laughing. We got to the hotel and ordered, i'm so glad part of this world is crazy you don't have to pay for the food you only have to have a room. Yaye.

"Okay that was good I feel so fat though." I said to Gracie. "OMG me too aha." We headed back to our room. We both took shower's. " Okay i'm going to sleep" I told Gracie. " Me too see you in the morning." " Goodnight Gracie ILY BOOBOO." "haha ILY to you too now night." 

-Okay this one was short but tomorrow the chapter will be way better it'll have more things then all this poop. I just had to wait a another chapter  for it all to happen so yeah BYEE.- 

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