Okay this is my first fanfic so it may not be the best but i hope its good. c:


6. Can't take this

-Ashley's POV-

Once we were back at the room i told her everything, her face was hilarious she's freaking out that I was going out with Louis Tomlinson for 4 months , now it's over though. "How in the heck did we not know?" "I have know clue aha but yeah let's not talk about it." "Okay okay missy." " I'm Going to get a snack." I told her and left. I went to the vending machines and there was already a guy there, then he backed in to me, yeah more bumping. "So, so sorry miss" "Oh It's okay." "Well yeah bye then." "Okay bye." That was so awkward but he looked just like Liam Payne but he's dead huh weird, wait what if he's real same with Harry i mean Louis was sitting with 5 guys. OMG he's aliuve how? There bodies where found?? What if it was all fake. 5 guys went into the bedroom across from us. OH. MY. GOD. 

I Practically ran back to my room. "GRACIEEEEEE!!" "What, what happened??" "OMG OKAY, okay so i was at the vending machine and this guy bumped into me and he really was Liam I didn't ask him if he was i just know and he is staying across the hall because Louis was eating yesterday with FIVE people and then the first day we got here FIVE people went in the room across the hall." I said that with a couple breaths."OMG i only heard a little bit of that say it slowly." "Oh my god i'm not saying that again okay but all i'll say is that Liam Payne and Harry Styles is still alive." " How would you know?" "I just met Liam and i know it's him and that they live across the hall, or at least staying." "Okay whatever you just playing with me." "No i'll go straight over there and talk to ...Louis." I don't know what i'm doing. "Fine go do that i'll just watch threw the peep-hole." "Okay i will." Umm why am i doing this. I walked outside and knocked on the door, Niall opened."Um hi?" He said. "I need to talk to zac- I mean Louis." "What are you some type of crazed old fan?" "No ?? I'm not crazed, yes i'm a directioner but i'm not crazed." "Well we're not in the business anymore." He was about to close the door."Just tell Louis Ashley is outside he'll know k?" "Okay then."

He closed the door and 5 minutes later Louis came back out. " what?, wait how did you know i'm across the hall?" "Well i kinda bumped into Liam, like to explain?" "Umm" "Another lie huh,, you know i'm a directioner , you lied to all of us." "Okay i personally didn't lie, well okay we all did we had to." "Why is Harry alive too?" "Yes but don't tell anyone except your roomie i know you will so." "Yeah i probably will, how bout we stay as friends?" I smiled at him." Sounds great" He smiled back.

" So can me and my friend Gracie meet everyone, pleaseeeee." I gave him the puppy face."Oh fine, i can't say no to that." "Yaye, I'll go get her, well her name is Gracie." I gave him a hug and just told Gracie to come out. "Okay Gracie meet Louis." "Hey Gracie." "h-h-hiii." "Okay ya'll are both directioners, you're the fainty one huh, so who's your fav?" "Niall" She said. "Nicee, okay let's go inside." 

"Boys!!" Louis screamed. "Whatttt"they all said. "Come heree, I got a suprise." "OOHH WHAT" they all rushed to where we were. "Girl's oh uh-"Harry said. "No okay i have a story i never told ya'll so," He told them the whole story between us. "DUDE-" "don't go into it." Louis told them. "Okay so this is Gracie" pointing at her. "And Ashley" Pointing at me. "Hellloooooo." Harry said to us and shook our hands, the rest of the boys greeted us but it was late now. "Okay well we gotta go it's getting late maybe we can hang out tomorrow?" I smiled."Hopefully we can." Zayn told me. Oh god he's more pretty in real life, ohhh right in the feels."Okay well we gotta go so bye." They all said bye and hugged us. Now hugs okay i'm done.

-Zayn's POV-

Wow Louis has it good she's a beauty but I have Perrie, I should call her later but i should get to bed it's 12 they stayed late.




-Just sayin this may be a cliff hanger ohhh you don't know where though hehe c; hope you like it-

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