Okay this is my first fanfic so it may not be the best but i hope its good. c:


12. Because Of You

-Zayn's POV-

"No,why?" Louis said. What the heck what i'm confused where did she go how could she just disappear. "Um, she left from breakfast." Who could have taken her? "Oh we have to find her!" Louis screamed. We do, I mean like we can't just leave a friend behind, right. I don't know if she's my friend or more then that but I care for her and need her with me.

-Ashley's POV- 

I woke up in a building, I don't know where I am and there are people I've never seen before. I just want to be back where i was, with Zayn. "So look's like you're the bitch that made Louis break up with Eleanor." They screamed, who are these people. I didn't say anything I was cold and it was dark. "What should we do?" A dark, deep voice said. I can't see his face though. "Keep her here make her suffer." The girl said once again. I still don't try anything who know's what they could do to me.

-Zayn's POV- 

All I am is confused. Who would have taken her, i thought it was Louis. Who else could be out there? "Hey Lou." "yeah?" "Who do you think did this?" "I don't know i've been here." Now Harry, Gracie and Niall arn't here. Plus Liam, they have been with each other a lot lately.


-Sooooorrry can't make this long i've been sick all week and so i haven't really updated but i'll try to tomorrow but guess what c:.................... I'm making a new fanfic woooo :) It's gunna be a suprise so my schedule is gunna be different now. Once i have the story up i'll post every other day and same for this one...hope you like it :) -




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