Okay this is my first fanfic so it may not be the best but i hope its good. c:


9. Accept the things you did

-Louis' POV-

 I hope Ashley will just go out with me this once i'll just redo everything. I just don't like it when she is with Zayn all the time I mean he's still going out with Perrie, right? Oh well i'll talk to him now, she's mine.I walked over to Zayn's room and went inside. "Hay can I talk to you " 

-Zayn's  POV-

"Yeah sure" I wonder what he's gunna tell me. "Well I think you and Ashley are spending to much time together.." Really he's just jealous she doesn't like him anymore, at least i think."Umm how?" I asked. "Well you have Perrie so??" OH crap i forgot to tell them all..."Dude i forgot to tell y'all she was cheating on me so I dumped her." "Oh i'm sorry i didn't know." Huh wonder why he's getting in to all this. 

-Ashley's POV-

What should i do i mean Louis and me were a thing at least 'Zach' and I. "Gracie what should I do??" "Give him another chance you never know." "Fine I don't know though erghhh." Gracie was having a day with herself.. weird. I went over to the boys' room and went in. "Hayy." "How did you get in?" Liam asked. "Oh I forgot Zayn gave me one." I looked around where was Louis and Zayn huh. "So where is he and Louis?" I asked. "Oh they're talking in Zayn's room." "Okay thanks." I walked over to Zayn's room and right when I walked in and Zayn had a black eye and Louis just had a slap mark. "What the hell happened???!!" I walked towards Zayn and looked at his eye. "I'll go get ice for it Louis come with me." He kept quiet, like really what happened."Did you do that to him?" I asked  "Yes...but he.. oh forget it your not gunna go out with me today are you?" "I am NOT going out with you tonight, i was gunna give it a try 'til i saw that." "I figured." "Now go sit over with the boys. 

I walked back to Zayn's room and he was laying down. "I screw everything up!" He screamed "Hey no you don't ok just how then?"I asked he doesn't screw things up it's Louis or as 'Zach' He did something terrible. "I just do." "NO you don't, but what did he want?" What if it was me it's happened before so. "Well he called you HIS girl-" "I'm nobody's girl k?, sorry carry on." "And i said nope she's done with you once a cheater always a cheater i told him and i don't know why he just hit me then my reflexes just slapped him." "God i hope he doesn't go back..." "Go back what?" "Nothing, nothing at all." I really would hate to see Louis go back there it was terrible. "So is the ice working?" I said as i sat on his bed next to him. "It's better now,  thanks." He smiled, gosh that smile jkshb. "Your welcome, you want to watch something?" I asked. "Sure." I turned the tv on and changed it to family guy, love this show.I went back and got up with Zayn on his bed. "So why are you nobody's girl?" "I just am" I laughed. "Well you could be mine." He started messing with my hair now that i'm laying back. "Well see bout that." I said i turned to look at him. He then turned around and looked straight at me, his arms were around me now. "See about that? You're gunna be my girl." OHKay this here. I blushed, he's got me in his trance. "Huh keep trying." Zayn then and there leaned in and kissed me, i obviously kissed back he smiled knowing i do like him now. "I knew you liked me." He laughed after our kiss. "Shut up aha."

-Louis' POV- 

I wonder what he's doing, he's probably forcing her to kiss him make it look like she likes him. Just for it to get to me, he doesn't deserve her she's mine and will be he'll see. I just hate that she's being forced in their i mean i know she loves me still she couldn't get over me that quickly. I have to get her back, now.

-Harry's POV-

You know that jealous feeling between you and your lover. I have that now i mean, Louis. I've gone bi over the years. I love Louis and he's just their going off about how Ashley is being 'forced' with Zayn. I don't even believe that. He's clueless.

-Zayn's POV-

I knew i just knew it she liked me, she kissed back. She's beautiful too she fell asleep in my arms, it's adorable when girls sleep. I got to ask her out I can't let her get away quick somebody like her will go fast. Every guy would want her,  know why Louis was so angry now.  She truly is better then Perrie just like i told her. Oops she's waking up, she's been asleep for an hour now. "Hay babe." "Still i'm not yours yet." She said while yawing, how cute. "But like i said you will be." "How would you know i could totally like you and then all of the sudden have an urge to be a les." I burst out laughing she would never do that, right? "You wouldn't do that." "You never know." She winked. "Oh what ever you can't give up this." I pointed at me. "True, true." She smiled. I was still holding her i didn't want to let go her warmth around me, left those dinos coming. I still get those, yeah." 

-Ashley's POV-

I'm kinda glad Gracie had a day to herself even though Zayn has a black-eye, if you were a good friend you'd look right threw it. "So what should we do?" I asked, i was tired. "Maybe you can stay over with us tonight." He said. "That would be interesting considering Lou." I giggled. "So we, we , you and me then could just have a little movie marathon." "Something like that i guess aha." "Yeah go pick out some, i'll make popcorn." "Okay." He keeps his movies in his cabinet under the tv. I got the Hangover, Project X, Ice age -The Meltdown, and Happy Feet. I'm probably gunna fall asleep quickly but at least it's in his arms, hopefully. "Okay got the popcorn and we had some chocolate ya." "Alright what movie first?" We choose Happy Feet. We were cuddling ermg,fangirl in my mind. I was fading, slowly falling asleep. Next thing i know is were both asleep, cuddling. Me with Zayn Malik famous pop star. 



-So I made this a bit longer. I thought my other chapters are to short so i'm making them longer now yaye. Who do you like better Zayn and Ashley or Louis and Ashley? Hehe think about it. Hope you all like it c;  -  


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