Final Love: Prequel to Love Never Lasts

This is the third boom to Love Never Lasts, and it is also the final. This may be a short book as I might not think of many chapters.

Sophie has finally found the one she loves, Zayn. Amelia has found a new love, Tom Fletcher, from McFly. All things are going fine, but what happens when Zayn proposes to Sophie? Will there be fights, or will there be celebrations?


1. Love Ever Lasting

Sophies P.O.V

Me and Zayn have been together, what, 2 years now. I'm 24, hes 26. The band has been all over the world, made 2 new albums, Louis and Zenia got married (Yeah!) Amelia has found new love, also known as Tom, from McFly, and well, Harry Niall and Liam have all got girlfriends now. Me and Niall are the bestest of friends, which is wierd, because I'm his ex girlfriend. The kids, well they are doing great in school, but sadly, a few months back, we were in a car crash. Jade was hurt badly and had to go to hospital and have major surgery. She died that night. It was very sad, and I've never really gotten over it to be honest. I cried for about, a week?

The other night, we went to a bar, and man, did that get out of control! Zayn kissed a girl, I kissed a guy, but we'd be playing truth or dare. So actually, we didnt care! It was pretty funny, because Zayn went upto a girl and she freaking fangirled. Zayn just kissed her, it was fricking hiarious! Then it was my go, so I did it without hesitation. When I came back everyone was laughing uncontrablly!

So thats been it for the past couple of years! Yeah so, Hi!


hey my little pigeons, sorry for the short chapter, getting ready for christmas. Louis is finally 21! Stayed up all night just so I could tweet him happy birthday!

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