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About a girl and a boy who thinks a house can talk.


1. Imagine


"The house! It can talk!" Yelled the crazy little girl.

"Honey, that can't be true," the mum said while the small girl did a twirl.

No one understood that girl, no one ever will,

For that house did speak, but her wish won't fulfil.


That house and her were best friends,

But how much they see each other depends.

"Am I even real?" Often wondered the little girl "Is my name even Daisy?"

She wished that everyone would stop thinking she was crazy.


For her precious little mind, was being tortured by the past,

The ghosts and ghouls, making sure she'll be the last.

"There can't be more humans who can hear the house talk!" Denied one ghost.

"I agree, there shouldn't even be one! But there are more," said the ghost who was head-most.


And one day, in the very distant future, they will meet;

The crazy girl and the boy who refused to speak.

Their love will grow; inside that house.

And the house will continue to talk to them both; as quiet as a mouse.


Now everyone thought that girl was insane,

And that boy was too scared to explain,

But with them being so different,

Their love turned into something brilliant


They will live together, a very happy life,

But they don't expect the ghosts to come down with a knife.

"Hide the kids, run away!" Yelled the nervous boy,

And the girl will do just that, hoping he will be okay.


But he can't fight those monsters,

No matter how loud he blusters.

He risks his life for hers,

And she'll have to put up with askers.


You wouldn't believe a kid, if they told you a house could talk!

So this shows you all, that if someone comes to your door with a knock.

And tells you a crazy story that you don't believe,

Think about it for a minute, is it as crazy as it seems?

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