I care for you (Poetry Competition)

This is a poem that might show that I care for all of you. No matter who or where you are.

This is for the poetry competition, tell me what you think! :)


1. I care for you

To all you out there,
I want you to know,
That I care

I care for you,
No matter who you are,
Whether your red or blue,
I will care for you,
Even from afar.

You are worth,
More than you think,
And you will always be,
Someone's missing link.

I care for you,
No matter what you say;
I will care for you,
Night or day.

You say you're not worth it,
I say the opposite;
You say you're ugly,
I say you're the most beautiful one,
I have seen.

I care for you,
Even when days are bleak;
For I know that you,
Are more than you think.
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