WWll. Jake Mcall has been in the war now for 2 weeks and has had the harshest
treatments not by the enemy but from his companions. can he gain there respect and save the love of his life find out in this book.


1. The POWs

As I looked up and saw the great grey coated men carrying me to the POW camp I kept thinking to myself would I ever get a chance to fight again. It was almost impossible but just, just maybe I would escape or something like that                                                                                                                                              As we arrived at the town of Paris they through me and my comrades into the camp. For the first few hours nobody spoke, but then SGT. Spears broke the silence and started nagging on about me firing my Bren I told him he would of done the same thing if they were marching into his fiances village then he said something so     sad I shall not mention it here, then i called him a coward.But two seconds after that i got well lets just say injured, then the big grey coated men entered  took SGT.Spears and I.        

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