WWll. Jake Mcall has been in the war now for 2 weeks and has had the harshest
treatments not by the enemy but from his companions. can he gain there respect and save the love of his life find out in this book.


2. The Breakout Plan

The men took us to a seperate room and started talking to thier officer. SGT.Spears said they were going to gas us in Cassel, then a wave of fear flowed through my body.The soliders took us to a new room,they could speak a bit of English and they said to us "get some sleep you pigs, you have a big day tomorrow."As they left the room SGT.Spears said he had a plan, but it was suicide, he planned to jump of the train into a ditch or trench he said if we did at night we might get away with it.What about the others I asked, SGT.Spears said if we escaped with out being caught we could find COL.O'Neill and alert him of where the men are.CRACK  gun fire rang across the yard SGT.Spears and I went out and we saw all the captives shooting and punching the enemy SGT.Spears knocked out they great grey men that took us to our room he give me a Kar and he took a model 5.             

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