WWll. Jake Mcall has been in the war now for 2 weeks and has had the harshest
treatments not by the enemy but from his companions. can he gain there respect and save the love of his life find out in this book.


3. On Seconed Thoughts

We countined fighting that night but at around 1.00 I heard a familar voice screaming for help.As I aproched the injured man I realised that it was Mick my only friend in the whole squadron"Mick whats happend?,a hun shot me leg.""lets get you out of here mate,thanks Jack."As I carried him to a tin*the men where running out the gate I tried sprinting but falied with Mick on my back. Then in a faint voice Mick said"go get that truck over there"so I hijaked the lorry and drove out the gate.I stopped about 5 miles out and puck up the others I had finaly got some respect but not enough.













*a nickname for a hut

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