Chocolate Chocolate

*Poetry Competition* Chocolate chocolate can be many things, most of us like most of us love.
Copyright (C)


1. Chocolate Chocolate

Chocolate, chocolate.


Chocolate, chocolate,

Tastes so sweet.

Lovely, creamy,

Just for me.


Chocolate, chocolate,

Take a bite.

Chomping munching,

It’s a delight.


Chocolate, chocolate,

Melts in your hand.

Warm and sticky,

Better than grand.


Chocolate, chocolate,

Smooth and rich.

If I eat too much,

I’ll get a stitch.


Chocolate, chocolate;

Dark, milky or white.

I love all the same;

I’ll have some tonight.


Chocolate, chocolate,

With some nuts.

Crunchy, munchy

There ain't no buts.


Chocolate, chocolate,

Filled with caramel.

Yum! So sweet.

I just love the smell.


Chocolate, chocolate;

So many types.

I ate them all.

My mouth needs a wipe.


Chocolate, chocolate

There’s none left.

I'll have to buy some more.

And get in debt.

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