Family Forever

A girl called Aliona is going to be adopted. She gets a snowglobe as a parting present from her careworker Denise. In the middle of it stands a sorrowful loooking Friesian horse. One day the it smashes and the horse inside comes to life. His name is Apache and he will grant her a wish if she helps him find his herd again!


3. Shattered Snow globe

Jessy had silky brown hair with kind eyes and a gentle smile. Adam had short spiky hair with a broad grin. Delilah was very athletic looking and had beautiful, shimmering golden brown skin, a gift from  the sun Denise had called it, just like hers.

"Come in," Jessy urged, "It must be very cold out there! I'll make you both tea and something to eat." The little dog flounced around Aliona's heels, whimpering ecstatically. "That's Fluffy!" Adam laughed as they stepped inside.

The inside of the house was just as pretty as the out. The floor in the hall was wooden and there was a little stove burning brightly in the living room. They sat down at a table with high leather chairs in the kitchen. Jessy put on tea and made some toast. Aliona ate contentedly while Denise chattered to Jessy and Adam. She found that she was quite hungry after the long journey.

Aliona smiled at Delilah and Delilah smiled back. "Do want me to show you our room?" Delilah suggested. Aliona nodded eagerly, the word our tingling in her ears. Delilah lead her down a long hall to a bright pink bedroom. There were little trinkets scattered around the floor and a fish bowl on the dresser. The two girls talked and chattered until Denise called for Aliona.

"Here," Denise exclaimed, pulling out a beautiful snow globe, with a Friesian horse standing in the middle form one of her many bags, "As a parting present." Aliona stroked it lovingly, admiring its beauty. "Thank you so much!" she whispered, flinging her arms around Denise's neck. Denise smiled and squeezed Aliona's hand before quickly talking to Jessy and Adam and leaving. "That snow globe is very pretty!" Adam  exclaimed as Aliona blushed. "Can I see it?" Jessy asked. She studied it, smiling. "Lovely!" she proclaimed, handing it back. "It's nearly time for bed!" Adam piped. They b rushed their teeth and said goodnight to Aliona's new parents.

"You can set your snow globe on the bedside table if you like," suggested Delilah. Soon after Delilah fell fast asleep. Aliona had gotten tired of holding her precious, but heavy snow globe. She tried to reach over to th edesk, not wanting to wake Delilah. She had nearly got it there when her arm gave way and the snow globe went crashing to the floor.

Aliona could have cried looking at the shattered pieces of glass. The sad looking Friesian however was stilly fully intact and beginning to grow in size. Soon it was a real life Friesian horse standing in the bedroom. If that wasn't enough, Aliona nearly fainted when the horse began to talk.

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