Family Forever

A girl called Aliona is going to be adopted. She gets a snowglobe as a parting present from her careworker Denise. In the middle of it stands a sorrowful loooking Friesian horse. One day the it smashes and the horse inside comes to life. His name is Apache and he will grant her a wish if she helps him find his herd again!


1. Good News

Aliona stared out of her window, looking at a little brown dog with matted fur. Suddenly a small girl with curly, blonde hair bundled him in her arms and took him away to where her parents stood waiting for her. Aliona felt a pang of sadness as she did not have a family of her own. Her father was from Spain but her mother was from Dublin and that is where she had lived all her life. Her parents could not care for her so she was sent to live with a foster family from ever since she could remember. Her foster family were realy kind to her and looked after her but they had never treated her as a real member of the family, just one they were eager to dispose of. She began to imagine what it would be like to have her own family, when her careworker Denise opened the door.

"Aliona," she murmured in a a soft voice, "I would like to speak to you downstairs in the living room." Aliona got up and followed Denise obediently downstairs. When they reached the living room they both sat down. "Aliona," Denise exclaimed, "there are a family who live in Armagh that would like to adopt you. Their names are Jessy and Adam and have a daughter called Delilah, who was adopted too." At first Aliona could barely speak. "You are to go tomorrow morning," Denise continued, "so you had better pack." Aliona burst out the door, ecstatic! She was finally getting a family of her and there was even another girl to play with! It was the best news she had ever recieved!

When Aliona reached her bedroom she bundled all her clothes together and put them in her tiny, purple, metal suitcase. She also threw in some of her toys and teddies, along with some chewing gum she had bought yesterday. She gathered all her notebooks and pencils and stuffed them in the corner. It took her longer than you would think to do this and by the time she was done the dark had fallen and Aliona crept into bed and drifted off to sleep. She woke various times that night, wishing it was morning.


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