Family Forever

A girl called Aliona is going to be adopted. She gets a snowglobe as a parting present from her careworker Denise. In the middle of it stands a sorrowful loooking Friesian horse. One day the it smashes and the horse inside comes to life. His name is Apache and he will grant her a wish if she helps him find his herd again!


2. A long journey

When the morning finally arrived and Denise called out to get ready, Aliona jumped out of bed and hurled her clothes on so quickly that she put her t-shirt on inside out and had to fix it. She was down in the kitchen, where Denise was waiting within 5 minutes. "Good," Denise mumbled, "You got ready nice and quickly. We have a long journey ahead of us so we'll have to have something to eat first."

Aliona ate  her cornflakes very quickly, barely pausing for breath. "I'm finished!" she piped, "Can we go now?" Denise sighed deeply and began to gather up her bags. They said a hasty goodbye to Aliona's foster parent's, Mickey and Leigh, and left.

Aliona skipped outside, ignoring Denise's pleas for her to slow down. she hopped into Denise's blue land rover and began to fiddle with the car freshener hanging from the rear-view mirror. Denise sett;led into the front seat and noisily started up the car.

It was and amazingly long journey and there was little conversation made. Aliona was wrapped up in thoughts of what her new family would be like.

They drove towards a beautiful bungalow, with a gorgeous golden dog who was barking excitedly. Aliona thought it similar to something you would find in a fairy-tale!

as the car pulled up Aliona began to feel nervous, as if there were worms writhing about in her stomach. What if this family didn't want to adopt her anymore and sent her back to live with Leigh and Mickey? Aliona pushed the thought from her mind. She flung the car door opened and walked shyly to the steps. She couldn't help but bite her nails as the door creaked open.

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