Geek and the Player

Emma walker has always been the geek , and Jason styles has always been the pretty boy player of the school. you see ... Jason and Emma are best friends ... then in just one night their lifes just change.


1. Miss Me?

   Emma's P.O.V< towards end of 8th grade year>.

    I sat on my bed Indian style trying to figure out all my math problems as I adjusted my glasses back in place , tucking  a piece of a loose stand of my hair back behind my ear which was stubbornly finding its way back to the center of my face which was VERY annoying. The thing that really annoyed me was that my parents where fighting once again down stairs, they're always doing that as if they forgot about what matters the most.... her two children who had to put up with the yelling every damn night. A few tears threatened to come out of my eyes as I heard someone climbing up the window I swear if its an intruder ill thrown my I phone at him because its pretty fucking heavy haha please excuse my language. I saw the same perfect brown hair as Jason looked up and opend my window climbing in stumbleing a bit. "Emiez!" Jason kissed my forehead .. that was his nick name for me and I loved it. "Are you ok emiez? its ok if you cry .. do you need anything my lil dork because I need help with my science project which by the way is due next week" he smiled widely. "Jason! come on you have gotta start keeping up with school assignments and be more into your studies than girls " . "but girls are my everything emiez I need them! more than school and all that shit ". I stayed silent not really wanting to respond because I had gotten more into the studying than what was going on. "ok then ...but promise me you will be more involved with your studies please for now on?" I asked holding in my breath. "Ok but for you Emiez ... Im only doing this for you".Jason smiled at me and right when we where both gonna have a moment for once in our lifes my brother David walkes in, "HEY! you arnt supposed to have boys in your room emma!". of couse my little bro would say that ;\           



< well that's all I got so far , please tell me what you think . And thank you to those who are takeing their time to read my story>                                                                                                                                                         

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