Im Inlove With You

Emily goes to boarding school. But what happens when Uncle Simon send One Direction to the same boarding school as her. Will they get along as friends or more than friends. Will the boys like her? Find out in this fanfic :)


3. Scars..

Alexis P.O.V
~So, I was walking home with Em and Adriana. Then Em told me Austin was hanging out with Zayn. How cool was that?! As soon as we reached home,I quickly went to take a bath. I went into the steaming and relaxing shower and washed my self up. I was looking at the mirror,looking at the scar that is just a few inches away from my collarbone. I can feel the pain. I quickly pushed those thoughts away and changed my clothes ans went out. Em was watching some tv. I went over to the dressing table to adjust my hair,just incase I don't look like some nut case! I could see the scar again. I could see the face of the person who caused that. The pain I was been going through before this. The pain of the scar. My eyes started to become watery. "You alright Adriana??",she asked when she saw my eyes getting watery. Nobody knows about the scar. Only me. I wiped the tears in my eyes and said "Yea..Im fine..just got a little dust..",I wanted to go out somewhere quickly. I needed a place where I can cry freely. I need to get to the....the...the park! That's right..Nobody will be at the park at night. "Hye Em? I goin out for awhile..", I quickly took my bag and left. Emily asked me something but I couldn't care to reply her. I quickly ran to the park before my tears starts to fall.

Niall's P.O.V
~ I didn't wana stay with the boys. They were just playing games. But if I go out,I will surrounded by fans. Where can I go? There has to be a place where nobody will be there. The park! "Hye..lads,Im going out for awhile",I took my jacket and went out. I started walking there and put my jacket on,not only to be hidden by fans but also its kinda cold. I went over to the park,and saw a girl crying over at the bench. I walked over to her and she looked familiar,well I can't really see her face cause its cover by hand. I went closer to her. I don't think she knew I was there. Im actually standing right beside her now. "You alright babe?" "yea...",she said wiping her tears away. I sat beside her and asked whats wrong. She still hasn't looked me. I lifted her chin. Then she looked at me. Wait a minute..its Alexis! "Alex?! whats wrong?!!",I asked getting a little worried. "Owh..nothing Niall..." "Then why are you crying??",nothing? there is something!! "Um...Im just feeling I just cried..yea..",she is lying. I can see it in her face! "Ok..But don't you feel cold? here take my jacket!",I didn't wana rush her or anything and she must be freezing it feels like snow eventhough its not! "Thanks Niall.." "Sure no problem! Now..somebody needs to cheer up! why not some ice cream or a somoothie?" " cream would nice.." "Ice cream it is!",I took her to the nearest ice cream store. Thank god there was no fans around. We bought our ice cream and sat in the shop and ate it. "Thanks Niall..your a great friend!" "No problem Alex..I would do this if any girl was crying better now babe??" "Yea..",she said finishing her ice cream. We were both walking back to the dorm. " has it been so far??" "What??",I asked confused. "The attention here..." "Owh..well to be honest..Its nice..but the thing is..everybody is treating us like some god..I mean I just wana be treated normally...",I said. "Well...don't worry Niall..just give it about a week and everything will be alright...". We were soon at her dorm. I hugged her godbye and went back to my room. Well I don't regret going to park.

(A/N: sooryy! I haven't been updating..You know..for me school is starting so Im kind of busy so yea..and sorry for this short chapter..will do a longer one a differnt day! )


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