Im Inlove With You

Emily goes to boarding school. But what happens when Uncle Simon send One Direction to the same boarding school as her. Will they get along as friends or more than friends. Will the boys like her? Find out in this fanfic :)


2. Nice To Meet You

Alexis P.O.V

~ So,my first subject was Geography. On my way to class,I saw some boy who seemed kind of lost. And everybody at the hallway has left,so I went to help him. As I went closer to him,I realized that I was walking towards Niall James Horan. I went over to him but before I could reach him,I saw him approaching me. I could feel my hands getting clammy and my heart beating really fast. "Hye...can you help me to get to this class?",his accent was beautiful. "Uh...yea..sure..let me see your schedule..",he handed me his schedule and I saw that I was in the same class as him. "Owh..your in Geography..your in the same class me..C'mon..I'll take you there!" "Owh..thanks..and whats your name??" "Alexis..but you can call me Alex..",I said smiling towards him. "Nice name..your the only one who hasn't freak outed since you saw me",he said smiling. "Hahah..well I don't want you to think Im a freak..",we were almost near the class but I didn't want to end this conversation. "Well we don't think our fans are freaks..they the best thing in the world!" "Hahah...yea..anyway we are here...this is the Geography class". We reached the class and we had to end the conversation. Well it was nice while it lasted! I entered class and took my seat. Niall was surrounded by girls. I pity him,you know,having a thousand of girls behind him. Soon our class teacher came,Mr Ean. "Ok girls..leave Niall alone and take your seats..and Niall come
on up here and introduce yourself!",said Mr.Ean. Niall went up front and said "well..honestly..there is nothing to say about meself..everybody knows me yea...",he said while sliding his hand into his pocket. Damn he looked hot. " that case..why not go take your seat next to Alex since that is the only seat left..",Mr Ean said while pointing to the seat next to me. He had a small smile on his face when we knew he was sitting next to me. Well the seat next to me hasn't always been empty. A girl named Amelia used to sit there..well until we became enemies because she stole my boyfriend. Well lets forget that. Niall sat next to me and said "Well looks like we are class mates now...",he said while sitting at his seat. We talked a little in between the class and soon it was recess. I quickly ran out wanting to go tell Em,Austin and Adriana what just happened.

Austin's P.O.V
~So I went into my History class and waited for Emily to come. Suddenly she just ran into the class and said "OMG AUSTIN! YOU CAN'T BELIEVE WHAT JUST HAPPENED!!!",she started screaming. Thank god only a few students were in class. "Shhhhhhhh! Em! and tell me!!",I shouted-whisper. "Zayn...Malik was in my Science class!",she just said Zayn was in her science class! "OMG EM!! Did you talk to him?!" "No...but we had ALOT of eye contacts",she said while dragging the alot. Before I could say anything our History teacher walked in. That guy wouldn't let any of us I just waited till recess came.

Niall's P.O.V
~I met this girl Alexis and she seemed really nice. I wanted to know her more. Like really badly. Soon the bell rang. "What subject is next Alex?" "Its recess silly..",she said while laughing. I laughed a little and walked out of class with her. I wanted to ask her if I could sit with her for lunch but I was already ambushed by fans. I said Hi to each and everyone of them and quickly tried to catch up with Alex,but she was gone by that time. "Mate you looking for someone?",asked Liam from behind me. "Uh? no...So how was your day so far?",I asked Liam while we walked to the cafeteria.  " was always the girls.." "Where's Lou? I thought he was the same class as you" "He went off to find Harry and know how he can't resist Harry",Liam said joking around. We were soon in the cafeteria. I was trying my best to find Alexis but I couldn't. Me and Liam went and sat at a table after buying our foods. Just as we got there other girls joined our table. "Now girls...leave some space for Harry,Lou and Zayn",Liam said politely. Nice guy..Soon I saw Alex,my face just brightened up that second. Then I saw her with two other girls and a boy. Could that boy be her boyfriend? I hope not. She saw me and gave me a light smile. Its like she doesn't care for me at all. Maybe she doesn't..I shouldn't get my hopes high. I pushed  my thoughts away and continued talking to the fans while having lunch. Soon Hazza,Lou and Zayn joined us.

Adriana's P.O.V
~So..during lunch it seemed like Niall and Alex are friends..or maybe kind of? Then Zayn and Em had alot of eye contacts,maybe they will be friends some day? And for me,I saw Louis and Liam in class. The most weirdest part was when I caught them looking at me many times. Should I tell them? I don't know..why am I unsure about this?! They are my bestfriends! Suddenly I felt someone touching me. I came back to reality and saw all of them staring at me. "huh? Sorry what??" "Did anything happen to you today??",Austin asked. " be honest yea...ummm Louis and Liam were in the same class as me. And...well I caught them staring me alot..",suddenly there was an akward silence between us. Then Emily spoke up. "Don't you think its weird that we saw them..and we had eye contacts and etc..just like the ones we read in the fanfics..."  "Yea..but not all lifes has an happy ending..",Alex said. After a few seconds,the bell rang. We had a few more subjects and then we could go back to our dorms. YAAY! :p

Zayn's P.O.V
~There was this girl in class,she looked at me many times. But she didn't say a word or even smile at me. I don't know why. And now,the boys are talking about some girls they meet and saw. Im still wondering who it that girl...Soon the bell rang and we had 3 more subjects before the day ends. The rest of the day was normal with girls around us. Then we could go back to our dorm. I wanted to go over to my locker to get my stuff and follow the boys back. "Hye lads..go on first..I need to take something from my locker",I said to the boy and left. I could hear Liam asking me to come back faster. As I was on my way to my locker. I bumped into someone and made him/she fall. I pushed a dude down. "Sorry mate! Didn't see you there! Really sorry!",I said helping him up. "Its ok dude..Im f---",he stopped there. "Wait...aren't you Zayn Malik?!",looks like we spot ourselves a boy directioner! "Aha..yes mate..I am..". "Owh..hahah..well Im a great fan of you! Just a boy directioner you the way..names Austin!",he said while sticking his hand out for a shake. "Austin eh?? Well nice to meet you bro!",I said shaking his hand back. "So..where you goin mate?" "Um...just to my locker..then to my dorm..wana accompany me mate?",I asked since I do need a guy friend other than the lads. "Sure dude..",he then followed me to the locker.

Austin's P.O.V
~Zayn bumped into me and now Im following him back to him dorm. HOW AWESOME IS THAT?! Just as I  reached his locker,I got a call from Em. "Excuse me mate,gotta answer this call.." "Yea..go on bro". I went a little far away from him so that he doesn't hear how excited I am. "Hello Em" "Where are you Austin?!",she started becoming worried. "Um...hanging out with Zayn..before you ask me how I met him..he bumped into me and asked if I wanted to follow him to his locker then to the dorm so yea..",I said trying to be calm as possible. "AKSJHAKLDH!!!! YOUR HANGING OUT WITH ZAYN!!!!!!",she started screaming on the phone. "Haha look Em...I gotta go now..will call you later! bye!!",I could hear her scream something on the phone before I hung up. Zayn came behind me and said "Ready to go bro?" "Yea sure". We then walked to the dorm and had some convertations. "What do you mean you don't have Take Me Home?!",he sounded pretty shocked. "Well yea...They don't really have music stores here..and if we wana go to town its kind of like an 45 minutes journey and the taxi fair is just too expensive so yea.." "Owh..well next time..if you wana go to town you can ask a ride from us...we have our own car..well only one..and another thing..we have a few extra Take Me Home copies in the dorm..come over and take them",man he was such a good man! "Really Zayn?! Tell me how much I should pay for the album" "No need to pay anything lad..." "C'mon bro! No way I'm gona let you give it to me for free!",I said while taking out my wallet wanting to pay for the cd later. "No need man!! All you gotta do is give us some friends in this school to me and the lads and we will be happy.",give him some friends? THE WHOLE WORLD WANTS TO BE HIS FRIEND! "aha..give you some friends mate? The whole school wants to be your friend.." "Yea..but they will treat us differntly..I want a friend like I saw the girl in class today..she saw me but didn't care too much about me..but we did have a few eye contatcts tho...",eye contatcs? "Umm..which class was that,Zayn?",could he be talking about Emily?! " class...",HE IS TALKING ABOUT EM! She is gona be so happy to hear this! "Well mate..that girl happens to be my friend!" "Owh haha really? But she is not your girl right??" "No mate...just a really close friend..I have two other friends which are girls too...they would love to meet you!" "Owh haha..well the boys and I shall meet them someday eh?",he wants to meet us?! "Yea sure mate",soon we were at our dorm. Zayn went to his room to take the cd,he invited me inside but I didn't wana cause any trouble to him. While he went to take the cd,I went into my room to keep my bag and books. I came back out at the same time he was out. "So thats your room mate??",he said while pointing at my room door. "Yea...come over anytime!" "Sure lad! Here is the cd!",he said while giving me the cd. "Thanks mate! I will give you back great friends Zayn! Trust me!" "Aha..well your a great one already..and I bet your friends will be great too..anyway I gotta go now..nice to meet you bro" "You too!",I said while doing that bro-hug..


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