Im Inlove With You

Emily goes to boarding school. But what happens when Uncle Simon send One Direction to the same boarding school as her. Will they get along as friends or more than friends. Will the boys like her? Find out in this fanfic :)


1. New Students

Emily's P.O.V
~So,according to students today we will be having some new students. I wonder who they are. I got out of bed and went into the bathroom. I quickly took a shower and changed into some jeans and a T-shirt. I came out of the bathroom and saw my roomate,Alexis,was up and ready to go into the bathroom. "Morning Alex..",I said while combing my hair. "Morning Em..",she said while yawing. She got into the shower,while I got my books ready and made some breakfast. She got out and made her hair. "You heard about new students?",she asked me while eating breakfast. "Yea..I wonder who are they that everyone is talking about"."I know right! now c'mon..we gotta go before we are late!",I said to her quickly getting up. We got out of our dorm and walked to school. At school we meet Adriana and Austin. "Hye,you guys heard about the new students right? Guess who is it!",Adriana asked us. "Who??",I asked. "Yea who? Just spit it girl I don't like to wait",Alex said while sticking her tongue. "Well its,One Direction,the biggest boy band on earth!!",Austin shouted in our faces. Yes he is a directioner. We all are Directioners. And Austin is not Gay! "Well thats awesome!!!",Alex started screaming. "Well it is,but there are so many other directioners in this school and I don't really think we are gona have much a chance to even talk to them", "Yea..true..",said Adriana. Soon the class bell rang. "Well its best we get off to class",said Austin. We all had different classes which sucked. I was on my way to class when somebody bumped into me. I looked up and  saw it was Jake. A guy that I used to like until he used me to get good grades in his exam. "Sorry Emily",he said and walked away. I didn't bother much about him.
(A/N: haha when she bumped into someone..i bet you all expected it to be one of the boys ;) ahah..ok back to the story)
I walked into class and saw a group of girls in a corner. I didn't bother much of them. I sat in my place and waited for the teacher. I was having science now. Which I really hate. Soon Mr.Tony came in. "Ok girls in the corner there! Go back to your seats. Leave the new boy alone",Mr.Tony said to the girls over there. Once he said new boy,I turned and looked at him. It was Zayn. Zayn Jawaad Malik!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! When I looked at him,he turned and look at me. I quickly turned away. Throughout the whole class I was thinking of him. We had many eye contacts. Like seriously many. Soon class was over,my next class was History. Which I hate more! But atleast Im with Austin.

Louis's P.O.V
Two weeks ago:
"BUT UNCLE SI!! WE DON'T WANA GO BOARDING SCHOOL!!!",Zayn shouted to Simon. We all didn't want to go to boarding school. We rather just perform for our girls. The two main reasons we rather stay is because we hate to study and we will also  be treated differently by teachers and students cause we are the biggest boyband on earth. "Sorry boys..but you can't just perform are gona need knowledge also..I already made my mind you are not gona change it!",Simon said stirctly to us. We were all angry and stormed into our rooms. "I can't believe Simon is doing this to us!",Harry said to me. "I know Harry! All of us are mad at him! But we have to..who knows Harry? Maybe it might be fun...",I said trying to calm Harry down.

"Im not feeling its gona be fun Louis",Harry said to me while getting ready. Damn he still remembers what I said. "I know Harry! We are all still upset. But we can't go to school with a grumpy face. C'mon cheer up! Atleast you and I are in the same room. And also thank god Niall,Zayn and Liam are in the same room. They wanted to separate each of us..but Uncle Si said no..", "Hmm fine..C'mon we better start going". He got his bag and I took mine. We went over to the boys room and found them ready also. We then walked to the school. As soon as we reached there,everybody's eyes was on us."Great..",Niall said from behind me. I knew exactly what he meant. Soon,we all had to go to our classes. And my class was English,thank god Liam was in the same class as me. I pity the other boys since they were all separated. Me and Liam were soon in class. Just as we got to our seats,girls started surrounding us. Damn it. Its not that I don't like the attention we get from our fans,its the best feeling in the world..but..the way they are gona treat us..So me and Liam didn't wana be mean to any of our fans and we entertained each and one of them. It seemed like almost all the girls in the class were here. In between the spaces of these girls I saw another girl. She didn't seem so bothered about this big group here and just sat down in her seat. I wonder who she is.....

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