A girl who thinks she has everything, all the riches, all the friends, everything, until one day she realises something she'd never noiticed before...


2. A Typical School Day

Eclipse woke up in a sudden gasp. She'd had a dream. A terrible one, a nightmare! She'd ran away from home, holding nothing but two pounds and a blanket. She had been suffering illnesses, fighting deseases, scavenging for food!

Luckily, it had all been a dream and she was really at home, in her room, her head upon the pillow in her four-poster bed. It was a school day, Eclipse didn't mind school. Everyone liked her too much to do anything to her or be mean to her, even the teachers felt scared to hurt her as her Dad was so powerful. She could practically boss anybody about when she was in school, she hardly learnt anything!

Eclipse had two sisters, Hatty and Lauren, both of which were older than her. She hated them, not just in the sibbling way. She was jealous, they were already professional models posing for the more 'experienced' stuff than what she did.

She pulled her duvet off her and sunk her feet into her slippers. She stretched her arms and went to get changed. She hated her uniform so she just wore her own clothes to school, the teachers didn't seem to mind.

"Breakfast's ready!" Eclipse heard the faint sound of her Mothers voice screaming up the stairs to the very top floor. Eclipse was much too tired to answer so just got changed and then ran downstairs at a dangerous pace.

"Be careful Eclipse, you could fall, the stairs are way to steep for you to run down them." Exclaimed her mother pointedly.

"I do it all the time and I've never fallen so you can't say that." retorted Eclipse rudely, getting up onto a chair next to her sister.

"Eclipse your so stuck up, why can't you just except it when you do something wrong?" Lauren moaned pushing her sister of the chair.

Eclipse rolled her eyes as she got back on the chair. Her Mum never seemed to take any noitice of any of this, it annoyed her. She always said "you lot need to work things out yourself." sometimes Eclipse did wish her Mum was a little bit stricter.

She finished her breakfast and then went to pick up her louis vuitton bag.

"Enjoy your day honey!" Her Mum called from the kitchen as Eclipse left the house. She closed the door with a slam, she was an arrogant teenager.

When Eclipse got to school, she was surrounded by loads of girls trying to talk about stuff she didn't even care about.

"Eclipse did you know I thought of a nickname for you..."

"Eclipse, Eclipse did you hear about what happened last Fri..."

"Eclipse wanna come round next week, we can..."

This happened everyday and Eclipse liked it. She didn't listen to what they were all saying but she enjoyed the attention they were giving her.

"I'm sorry everyone but I can't listen to you right now." And pushed everyone away to go inside. Although she did this, just like everyday they followed her inside. She sure did feel popular.

As she went into registration, all of the girls waved her goodbye and gave her hugs before going off themselves.

"Finally!" she muttered to herself, brushing her clothes down. When they hug her it does make her cringe.

"So we have a late one do we?" The teacher said as she walked in, Eclipse nodded proudly. It was a new teacher unaware of Eclipse's unknown riches.

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