A girl who thinks she has everything, all the riches, all the friends, everything, until one day she realises something she'd never noiticed before...


1. Eclipse

Eclipse was a girl with everything. One of those girls you see on the tv who have all the clothes they need and everything they want is given to them. They don't need to make friends, people seek their riches and want to go round their house every week just to see how rich they are. This is Eclipse, a girl with every girls dream.

Although Eclipse had everything, she was also a natural beauty. Her eyes were a deep hazel which always shone with happiness and laughter. Her hair was long, sleek and brunette, it was always neat and tidy which other girls couldn't understand why. Her lips were a blood red and small, used a lot for posing in cameras. She desired to be a model when she was older, make even more wealth from that and she was already half way there. She was asked many times to have photos taken for catalogues and billboards, many times she ended up on tv for an advert for clothes, she enjoyed her life very much. She felt she had no difficulties, but she didn't yet know what she had in store...

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