If we could only have this life For one more day

when Grace a normal Britsh girl meets international superstar backstage at his concert they fall truely,madly,deeply in love...But will Grace be able to cope with the fame after leading such a normal life for so long?


10. Waking up (Harry's P.O.V)

The sun crept through the windows of Grace's bedroom she lay there peacefully sleeping. Her hair had been curled the night before leaving loose waves in her perfect blonde hair her make-up was slightly messy on her face but she looked so hot! I looked over at my watch on the bedside table it was 10:47 I didnt have to be anywhere to be so I slumped down in bed next to Grace and wrapped my arms around her keeping her warm. She opened her eyes and rolled over so she was facing me "Good morning Mr.Styles" she said to me in her sleepy voice. She was so adorable in the morning and I had to kiss her I gently brushed my lips on hers and cupped her face in my hands "Morning Miss....er Garce" I replied then realising I didnt know her surname. "May" she coreccted me. "well then good morning Miss May" she let out a small giggle which made me smile. She made me feel amazing. "do you want some breakfast?" Grace asked as she rolled out of bed picking up her Abercrombie jumper and oulling it over head. I got up and followed her.

We had toast with bacon and eggs. This is what was different about Grace she ate food unlike Taylor who just starved her self all day to be a size 6! which I didn't understand Grace was perfect. After we finished she put the dishes in the sink. "Do you want to go or stay or delete my number and never come back?" Grace asked as she turned to look at me looking hurt. "Baby I'm here and I'm yours and ....and..I...um..well I really like you and well i think I love you" 


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