If we could only have this life For one more day

when Grace a normal Britsh girl meets international superstar backstage at his concert they fall truely,madly,deeply in love...But will Grace be able to cope with the fame after leading such a normal life for so long?


3. Shopping (Grace's P.O.V)

Today Darcy and I were going up tp London shopping for outfit for me to wear to One Direction in exactly 7 days time, I could barely contain my excitment. 

The clock on the train timetable read 9:12am so I payed for my ticket and walked to get a Starbucks whilst waiting for Darcy. Darcy arrived a few minutes after so we took our coffees then sat on the platform waiting for our train. 

We were now sitting on the train I then asked "Where should we go for luch?" "Um we could go to that Hotel, I think it's called Claridges?" "yeah! I love their Salmon and I think its near Selfridges " I answered  I pulled my iPhone out to book a table .We arrived at King's Cross and took a cab to Oxford street, "Awh you have no idea how much I love Selfridges, It's honestly my favorite shop and not just because It's Harry's I've been having shopping there since forever" I whispered to Darcy as we sat in the back of the black taxi. "Aw hun It is AMAZAYN!" Darcy pretty much shouted back at me as she saw the store I could not help But laugh back at her cheesy joke you could say we were fans.

I payed the cab driver and pushed through the giant brass doors at the entrance of my favourite shop. We Walked in next to the Louis Vuitton shop which was my favourite handbag Brand but was too expensive for me to ever come close to owning an item from there. "Look ladies fashion floor 2" Darcy called out reading the sign next to the escalator. We were surrounded by desinger labels whether it was Mulberry, Gucci, Channel or Dior that looked the nicest I could not decide, instead I followed Darcy up the esclator.

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