If we could only have this life For one more day

when Grace a normal Britsh girl meets international superstar backstage at his concert they fall truely,madly,deeply in love...But will Grace be able to cope with the fame after leading such a normal life for so long?


4. Selfridges (Harrry's P.O.V)

It was about 10 and I had persuaded Paul (our security guard) to take me to Selfridges shopping. I walked up to level 3 to Men's Fashion. I stepped on the escalator and was looking out at the crowd there were people everywhere when one girl caught my eye. I knew I shouldn't so soon after Taylor but she was something else. The way her Blue eyes admired a coral  dress and her blonde hair shone under the light. She wore a navy Jack Wills gilet and pink skinnys she was GORGEOUS. I had to step off the escalator,I had to talk to her just one look and I'd already fallen in love. I tried to snap out of it but it was so hard so I calmly walked over to her."I like giraffes" was all i could come out with I panicked and now really wanted to run but she turned around and looked me in the eyes her beautiful blue eyes."Hi I'm Harry and I didn't know what to say and you know think I'm a........" I rambled on then she stopped me and replied with "No it's okay don't worry about i, but are you THE Harry Styles?" she asked looking pretty shocked " Yes I am but i came over here to give you my number and maybe take you for lunch and I know we only met but you are really pretty and .." she stopped me again. "No it's fine we're getting lunch at a hotel close to here Calridges?" she cut me off with a small smile on her lips."I happen to know that Hotel very well I um I'm staying there" I said back hoping not to sound nervous.

We exchanged numbers and I walked away, I was quiet pleased with myself but knew she didn't have those kind of feelings for me. I got Paul to take me back to the hotel I couldn't wait to tell the boys the news!

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