If we could only have this life For one more day

when Grace a normal Britsh girl meets international superstar backstage at his concert they fall truely,madly,deeply in love...But will Grace be able to cope with the fame after leading such a normal life for so long?


7. Saturday 23rd Febuary (Grace's P.O.V)

Today was the day I was going to see the 5 love of my life Louis, Zayn, Harry, Niall and Liam, I Pulled on my coral dress I was so nervous and I hoped Harry remembered me but he hadn't text me this week and honestly I was upset but I kind of expected it. 

I walked downstairs seeing how my younger sister looked so pretty it almost broke my heart, my mum looked pretty hott too! we were already so we climbed in mum's new BMW it took about 30 minutes to get to the o2. I was getting really nervous now we had a group hug and walked with purpose to wagamamas where we were immediatley seated.

***skip meal**********

I was standing In the V.I.P que I was shaking, My place in the que was now at the front Mum, Sacha and I handed our tickets over and were ushered into front row seats now I felt like screaming! The arena was filling up prettty quickly. The lights went off and the screens at the side of the stage came up with a 10 second count down the arena went crazy and the boys came out singing Kiss you......oh I just wanna take you anywhere that you like baby just shout it out shout it out baby just shout it out......

Half time came and a stocky security guard came and asked us if we were Grace+Sacha I nodded. "well it seems you are down here to meet the boys backstage?" the guard asked us. I leapt up and grabbed my mum and Sacha's arm "yes we are ready!" I replied sounding maybe a tad too eagar. The guard lead us backstage, The boys were all sitting in the dressing room. We walked in and zayn asked if we were Grace and Sacha  I nodded and he gave us a hug Harry could only stare. I greeted all the boys and Niall seemed a bit over friendly Harry looked slightly pissed by his over friendlyness and walked up behind me me sliding his arms around my waist and kissing me on my neck. All the boys shouted "Harry too friendly" or "okay Harry thats enough" Louis turned to the boys as he realised I was Grace "Its okay guys, Harry knows her!" 

right now I was really confussed Harry told Louis? Harry still liked me? after alot of explaining the boys worked out Me and Harry had been on a dte and Harry had no idea I was coming etc x

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