If we could only have this life For one more day

when Grace a normal Britsh girl meets international superstar backstage at his concert they fall truely,madly,deeply in love...But will Grace be able to cope with the fame after leading such a normal life for so long?


8. Nandos with the Boys (Harry's P.O.V)

Grace was sitting on my lap in my dressing room we had just finshed the show and my arms were around her waist. I lent down and kissed her neck then moved her blonde hair behind her ear to whisper the words " I love you" in them. I could tell she was smiling then she tilted her heaad to face mine her lips just inches away..

I couldn't fight the urge any longer I had to kiss her. I smashed my lips into hers passionatly kissing her, eventully she kissed me back. "I love you" I whispered between kisses causing me to sound slightly out of breath, "I love you" she replied.She had now wrapped her legs around my waist and had her lips at my nose. I wrapped my arms around her squeezing her and increasing the passion in our kiss. 

Then there was a knock at the door. We both froze then Grace leapt off my lap and started smoothing down her gorgeous coral dress and fixing her hair no one ever looked so good in a dress and I smiled because I knew she was mine tonight. "come in,who is it?" I called towards the door. Zayn walked in "Hey guys I was just wondering if you wanted to come to Nandos? El, Perrie and Danielle are going and their dying to meet you?" I could tell the conversation had now been directed towards Grace. "Yeah sure,why not?" Grace replied loooking in Zayns direction. I was so happy I pulled her in a kissed her again "Get a room!" Zayn muttered as he turned to walk out the door we just gigggled." oh and guys be ready in 20 minutes" Zayn called before shutting the door.

We arrived at Nandos and I spotted the guys at the far back Niall, Liam, Danielle, Perrie, Zayn, Louis and El. "Hello stangers" I said as I greeted everyone at the table, Grace sat next to El and I squeezed in next to her. The waitress came to take our orders we all turned to look at Niall who knew his oreder off by heart. "Please can I have: Potatoe with hummus, Double breasted chicken wrap, mediium spice with peri chips, A meddium corn on the cob, 5 chicken wings hot and a coke" the rest of us oredered Grace polietly turned to the waiteress "please could I ordered a couscous salad? and a peach ice tea?" I fancied a mushroom and Hullomini Burger so thats what I ordered.

when the waitress walked away and El started chatting to Grace they got along really well and the others really liked her too, our food arrived and when we finshed we chatted for a while then I realised it was getting late "Grace do u want to leave now Its getting late and it's dark?" yeah I know it was only 12:30am but Grace was only 16 and i felt really protective over her...I loved her. "It's okay Haz I can geet a cab I dont want to be a problem" she replied Yes she was very poliet but I did not like the awnser she gave me "No baby I need to make sure you get home okay, What kind of a boyfriend would I be if I didn't?" I whispered in her ear she looked into my eyes and whispered "you want to be my boyfriend?" I nooded and pulled her hand out from the table leading her away I turned to group "Grace and I are going home but we really enjoyed the meal and hope you have a good night" I announced Grace chipped in with her really adorable voice "Bye Guys it was so nice meeting you all."

I lead Grace out of the restraunt and to my black land rover. I helped her in the kissed her forehead then got in my side. I held her hand the whole way back she leant her shoulder against mine. I kissed her hair and brushed her cheeck with my hand. "I live there you can stop here" Grace pointing to a modern block of apartments at the edge of London. "okay, Do you wwant me to walk you up?" she just nodded we got ouut the car and I took her hand in mine walking her up the stairs she leant her head into my chest as we walked. I knew Grace lived alone so I felt a bit worried about her on her own tonight as paparazzi would be all over her. "can I stay tonight?" I blurted out instantly regreeting what I had said " it's only because press might be on to us and I want to make sure your okay?" Grace looked up at me and smiled "I'd love you to" I instantly felt relieved hearing these words a cheeky grin spread across my lips as we reached floor 3 which was the level her apartment was on.


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