Back for You

Bianca's been through alot. Ever since her dad died her mum had changed. She gets married again but soon dies of depression and cutting. Bianca stuck with a abusive step dad. Not until one day he doesn't come back from his gambling nights. She gets an email from her childhood sweet heart/bestfriend Zayn.  He tells her to come and live with him untill she figured our what to do. She slowly breaks ever rule one by one. Torn between love and friendship.❤


3. Trouble

I woke up in a hospital room. There was a beeping machine by my side.

"Darling you finally woke up"

I looked up and laughed. Mrs.Boom was looking down at me. She was my neighbor she been like a grama to me since my parents died.

"Haha I fine Mrs.Boom"

"We'll you don't look fine, I mean look at your hair"

I lifted my hand through my thick dark hair. I think there some dried blood in it that's nasty. I started getting up but Mrs. Boom insisted that I lay back down.

"What did that monster do this time" she asked

Just then I remmbered about Paul he's goin go get mad if I don't get home soon. Last time this happend he almost killed me because the nurse had told me to stay. I hopped out of bed and ran to the bathroom I could hear Mrs.Boom tsk tsking me. I shut the door and locked it. I looked in the mirror.

I looked tired and sick. I had bad bags under my eyes and my hair was all tangles and dried blood caked it. I turned on the water and splashed some cold water on my face and tried to was out the blood. When I was done in dried my face and look up. My green eyes look said and lost, but it's was better then then what they were before.

I opened to door and looked at the time it was 7:45 Uho! Paul gets back from his gambling night at 8:00! Mrs.Boom must have left I had no ride I guess I would have to run.

I ran out of the hospital in a blur. I ran and ran until I could run anymore it was 8:02 he should be on his way home. I started running again two more minutes and I should be there.

By 8:05 I was home it takes him about to 8:10 to get home. I looked around the house was so messy! I started cleaning by 8:10 everything was clean and perfect. I ran up to my room and layed down waiting for him to come....

2hours later....

I woke with a jump. I looked at the clock it was 10:16. Holy shit I fell asleep! Paul's gona be so mad. He got home 2hrs ago and I wasn't there to give him his whiskey... Whoa wait if he got home he would have woke me up.

I got up and changed into my legging and one of my dads old Duke shirts. I tip toed out of my room and looked around the house I went from room to room lookin for any sign that Paul was home. But the house look exactly like it had when I went to sleep and the whiskey was still full. That meant Paul never came home.....

Do you Guys like it?? Xoxo Zayn Mailk!!!
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