Back for You

Bianca's been through alot. Ever since her dad died her mum had changed. She gets married again but soon dies of depression and cutting. Bianca stuck with a abusive step dad. Not until one day he doesn't come back from his gambling nights. She gets an email from her childhood sweet heart/bestfriend Zayn.  He tells her to come and live with him untill she figured our what to do. She slowly breaks ever rule one by one. Torn between love and friendship.❤


2. The Dream

I woke up in a unfamiliar place. It smelled like my old playhouse when I was little... I looked around and saw a boy. He had slick black hair and had big brown puppy eyes lookin back at me. It was Zayn. He was my best friend we have known each other for as long as I could remember. That was before he moved and left me with just a piece of paper with his number on it. That was like 7 years ago. Now I'm 18 and he probably doesn't even think about me.

Little Zayn came up to me and held my hand. He whispered something in my ear. I couldn't ask what he had said because right then I woke up.....
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