Back for You

Bianca's been through alot. Ever since her dad died her mum had changed. She gets married again but soon dies of depression and cutting. Bianca stuck with a abusive step dad. Not until one day he doesn't come back from his gambling nights. She gets an email from her childhood sweet heart/bestfriend Zayn.  He tells her to come and live with him untill she figured our what to do. She slowly breaks ever rule one by one. Torn between love and friendship.❤


5. No!

"Well as you can see..."Officer Kevin said as he pulled out a plastic bag that had a crumpled piece of paper in it.

"Right before your father-"
"Stepfather"!, I interrupted him
"Stepfather" He said with a annoyed look
"Well right before he died he left a not would you like go read it?" He said with a questioning look?
I nodded my head afraid of what it would say.
He carefully opened the plastic bag and gingerly handed me the sheet of paper. I started reading right away.

My name is Paul McCoy, I have just murdered myself because of my life. I live on 23 and Bradford street. I share a 2 room apartment with my daughter. She has been very cruel to me she wakes up every morning and steals all my money that I work hard for. She goes out and comes back at 11:00 pm drinking. Her school teachers always used to complain about her. I hope my death will bring justice.

Goodbye world Paul McCoy

I finished the note. Is he serious is he f*ckin kidding me? He's blaming me on his death! He obviously killed himself from a drug overdoes or something. Even though I hate him I would NEVER kill him.

"What do you think of the note Ms. McCoy"?
"My name is not Ms,McCoy! I said angrily "My name is Bianca Lovein I am 18 years old my father died when I was 15 my mom re-married that same year so someone would help her pay the taxes. She died when I was 17. Non of my extended family wanted me because Paul said I was his. I have spent the last two years of my life alone with no friends no real family and a abusive father! Now then everyone thinks I killed him!" I shouted " HOW THE HELL WOULD YOU FEEL"!

Officers Kevin looked at me with a calm expression
"Here" he said handing me a tissue
I looked at him confused before I realized I had stared to cry. I started whipping them away has he started talking.

" It seems Ms. Mc- Ms.Lovein" He corrected himself "That have been through a lot at such a young age"

"So now your nice" I said under my breath

"But I can't do anything unless you have evidence like marks from when he hit you "

"Oh" I said stupidly "Well I have marks" I said as I lifted up my shirt to have my belly exposed. There was some ugly scars from when Paul kicked me or hit me".

Officer Kevin cleared his throat clearly uncomfortable. "That will be enough you are off the case. But I shall tell you in about 5 days the government us going to break down this house, I was on Paul's will to have the house destroyed after his death"
" WHAT"! I screamed not believing my ears
" Sorry Miss the law is the law" he said before getting off the couch and making his way to the door

Omg omg omg, my life was ruined I would never find a house in Bradford in 5 days! Why do these thing keep happening to me!


It was my laptop I had spent weeks to get. New Mail it said on the screen. I clicked it wondering who would want to talk to me? I started reading it. It was a list of houses that I could rent sent from the Department of People. I might as well get this over with now. I started scrolling down all the houses that were listed were either in America or wayyyyy to much. I was about to give up when I saw one that was for London that was I few hours away and even better the rent was 20 pounds a month! The person must be crazy according to the picture is was an amazing flat. It said it was owned my 2 people and they were barley there even better no one to get in my way.

I clicked on the link and sent and email

Hello! My name s Bianca Lovien I would like to rent your flat. Please e-mail me back

I pushed the send button and waited. No more than 2mins later I got another e-mail

Hello love, That is just perfect! Come as soon as you can, you can get settled in right away!

Yess! Now I just had to get there. And did he or she just call me love? I laughed silently for the first time in weeks:)

Hope you guys liking it I"ll make a new chapter every weekend:)

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