Back for You

Bianca's been through alot. Ever since her dad died her mum had changed. She gets married again but soon dies of depression and cutting. Bianca stuck with a abusive step dad. Not until one day he doesn't come back from his gambling nights. She gets an email from her childhood sweet heart/bestfriend Zayn.  He tells her to come and live with him untill she figured our what to do. She slowly breaks ever rule one by one. Torn between love and friendship.❤


4. Him</3


"Ugh"  I groaned

Its been two weeks since Paul disappeared and every single morning I have had to wake up at 5:00 just to get my shabby apartment cleaned up for when the reports come.

I got up a changed into some sweats and a t-shirt. i slowing started walking down stairs expecting Paul to start yelling at me...But of course he's not here anymore...and probably will never be here again.

I took a deep breath and walked down the rest of the stairs. The kitchen was to the left to i ran in there and started making a quick bowl of cereal and plopped in front of the TV. I flipped threw the channels and something caught my eye


"The new hit boyband One Direction! These boys have been taking our breath away with there amazing talent there breath taking voices and there charming looks. There's Harry Styles, Niall Horan, Louis Tomlinson, Liam Payne and Zayn Malik.

I sprayed my cereal and raised the volume. Did she just say Zayn Malik?

"Zayn Malik is the bad boy of the group known as the Bradford Badboy. With his dark hair and mysterious personality and his dark hair"

" Omg" i gasped as it flashed through pictures of him

It was Zayn. It was my Zayn...He left and never came back for me.

I felt my eyes start to water. He was my best friend and while i spent everyday thinking of him and dreaming of him knocking on my door and saying that he missed me and he finally came back. He probly never thought of me. He was off living life.

Angerly i flipped the channel to the news but that was even worse.

"The mystery of Paul McCoy is solved. He was found this mornings laying my Oaks River. He has been injured with two bullet shots to the head. Hes daughter Bianca McCoy is a suspect. She is said to have been very cruel to him. He said it in his suicide not. More info later"

What! They were saying she killed him! Even though she sometimes felt like she could kill him she would never do it what made them think that? Now they might believe her and she would be arrested for life! No college no job no degree no nothing.

A knock at the door interrupted my thoughts. I quickly got up and ran to put my bowl in the sink. Then ran to open the door.

 I gasped

"Hello Ms.McCoy can we have a quick talk with you, I'm  Officer Kevin"

"O-of course" I stuttered

I let Officer Kevin and he looked around the room, probably expecting to find a weapon or something. He turned around and I gave him a weak smile.

"I wanted to know where were you the night Paul McCoy went missing." He demanded

"Going back to the night my vision was very blurry but I remember being at the hospital and than I came home and he was missing" I explained

He examined the room a little more. "What hospital?" He asked still wondering the house.

"Calvary hospital." I had answered following him from one room to another.


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