Back for You

Bianca's been through alot. Ever since her dad died her mum had changed. She gets married again but soon dies of depression and cutting. Bianca stuck with a abusive step dad. Not until one day he doesn't come back from his gambling nights. She gets an email from her childhood sweet heart/bestfriend Zayn.  He tells her to come and live with him untill she figured our what to do. She slowly breaks ever rule one by one. Torn between love and friendship.❤


1. Over Again

"Bianca!" my stepdad yelled. "Get your scrawny ass up and get me a beer!!"

I had been study for my tests. But if I didn't give my stepdad the beer he might smack me again for the 7th time this night.

I got up and ran to the kitchen and opened the frige. I peered in look like there was only half a beer left. I grabbed it and ran back to my stepdad Paul. He snatched it from her hands and started drinking.

I ran back to my room and picked up right I were I was. 50 seconds later Paul yelled at me again. "Get over here you little piece of shit!"

Uho. I quickly go up and ran to Paul. He was all shaggy with his beer belly and his nasty smelly shirt that said Got Beer?

He looked me up and down disgusted

"What the hell is this" he said waving the now empty beer bottle

"Y-you told me to get you some beer"

He was mad! "I said get me a full bottle of beer not half go get me some beer!!!!"

I ran back to the fridge and even before I opened it I knew there was no more. I slowly walked back to were Paul was.

"There's no more"

What! What do you mean there no more!! It's you isn't it you've been stealing from me! First my money now my beer! You little bitch!

He was getting me angry he knew damn well that I didn't steal his beer I would rather die than even look at it. And the money? He also knew I didn't steal that it was mine. My dad gave it to me right before he died. My life depended on that money. It was my colleague money for my books and anything else in between. He wasn't going to take that from me.

But before I could say anything he was coming at me with his hand raised. He smacked me hard before I knew what was happening. I think I saw stars. I fell backwards and slammed my head against the wall. Paul was coming at me agai but with but with his feet this time. He kicked me hard right in the gut. I started feeling dizzy but I was going to hold on not goin to faint I said over and over again. Paul kept on kicking me it hurt so bad. Paul brought his foot all the way back and kicked even harder. CRACKKK!!! The it was all dark.
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