Road Trip

Cher ran away from home and only had what was in the backpack on her back she was walking down the dirt road with her head down when a car pulls up will she get in with the two British boys or will she keep walking?


1. Getting Picked Up

-Cher's POV-

I walked down the side of the dirt road I wish I never wore my heels there were tie up black shoes I brought these because they were my favorite I was wearing black skinny jeans and a white Tshirt with a Capitol C and a lowercase C on it (Cc) :) with a black leather jacket and a white bandana as a headband in my chocolate brown hair my sandy colored jungle type back pack over my shoulder I had my phone out and one headphone in listening to music my feet were starting to hurt when a car pulled up beside me I kept walking as they slowed to my pace. I glance down and see a boy brown curly hair and emerald green eyes leaning out the passenger window.
"Need a ride?" He asked his British accent was so cute, I glance at him again he looks down at my heels
"Those must hurt your feet" he says pointing to them. I stop
"Yeah they kinda do where are you guys headed?" I ask he looks my body over... Perv.
"Um... We're are we headed Louis?" He asks
"Umm, kinda along story do you have anywhere to go?" He asks me
"Anywhere but here." I say
"Well do you wanna join us?" He asks
"Sure" I said getting in the car Harry immediately looks back at me
"So were are you from?" He asks I was just about to say something when he cut me off.
"I'm just joking I know where your from by the accent" he says
"My accent? I can tell by yours" I say
"Yeah yeah I get that a lot you know beng in a band" he says
"Your in a band?" I ask
"Yep me and Lou" he says
"Just the two of you?" I asked
"No silly there's three more" he says smiling
"Um ok. I'm in a band too" I say
"Really?" He says
"No." I say smirking he smiles
"You got me" he says turning around Louis reaches over and slips a CD in the stereo and "My Girl" by the temptations comes blaring out the speakers they sing along to some parts their voices actually beautiful
"I got sunshine on a cloudy day" Louis sings his voice was really high but beautiful at the same time
Harry turns it up louder and it's blasting now my ear drums struggled to keep up Louis started to sing loudly
"Well I guess you'd say, what can make me feel this way" then he pauses and sings
"My girl" as Harry does the echoes
"Talking bout my girl"
Harry looks back again while Louis continues to sing the song one hand on the wheel one snapping to the beat
"How old is he?" I ask
"21" Harry says
"And how old are you?" I ask
"18" he says
"You?" He adds
"19" I say. Louis keeps singing Harry turns to him
"Shut up!" He says laughing Louis stops but keeps snapping his fingers Harry smiles
When all the sudden Louis blurts out the next lyrics
"I got sunshine on a cloudy day, my girl I've even got the month of may!" He sings really loudly as the song fades out
As "Welcome to the jungle" by Guns 'n' roses starts to play Louis takes both hands off the wheel to make his hands slowly come up to the starting beat and drops them as the beat comes down and as the
'cha' comes he presses down on the gas peddle make the car launch forward I fall back hard against the leather chair of the muscle car Harry does the same
"Welcome to the jungle we've got fun 'n' games!" Louis sings making me laugh Harry does the same Louis smiles at me in the reflection of the rearview mirror, he slows down a bit
"I wanna watch you bleed!" He sings Harry lips along with the "YEAH" part I laugh. I know I just met them but they are the best people I've met my whole life the music was blaring as Louis drummed along on the steering wheel as Harry did the same with the dash board
"Do you know where you are? Your in the jungle baby!" Louis sings loudly
"In the jungle!" Harry yells
"Welcome to the jungle!" They both sing as the songs ends Louis and Harry do one last final bang on their par I father car
The next song takin care of business started blasting Louis tapping along bobbing his head
"Should we put the top down?!" Louis shouted over the music to Harry I looked up at the roof of the camaro and realized it was a convertible
"Hell yeah!" Harry yelled Louis pushed something and the roof folded down I stuck my arms up and cheered
"Yeah!" I yelled we reached a red light and we pulled up beside a mini van Louis looked over and raised his brows at the driver who glared at him as the kids in the back were waving like crazy put the window
Louis nudged at the pedal slightly making the car hop forward a tiny bit
"Are you going to race him?" I ask over the music
"No I'm going to excellerate to a speed where I am in front of him" he says I laugh as Harry laughs too
Credence Clearwater rivals bad moon rising starts to play as the light turns green and we take off Louis looking behind him I laugh he puts his thumb up as I laugh he slips on his aviators Harry turns it up all the way.
"I see a bad moon rising!" Louis sings I giggle Harry's curls were blowing in the wind Louis on the other hand had a Quiff and it was still going strong.
"Don't go round tonight!" Louis sings I laugh
"Ok next song" Louis says pressing the seek button to turn the song I cheer as Barracuda by Heart comes on I know this song my mom used to blast it all the time Louis taps the steering wheel to the beat.
"So what's the long story?" I ask the now turned around Harry
"Um we're headed to somewhere down in the sunshine state to meet our other band mate Liam and then were headed to umm."..He seemed embarrassed to say the next part
"Where?" I ask
"Disney world" he says I smile
"Why are you looking at me like that?" He asks
"I think it's cute how your going to Disney world" I say he blushes
"So when you say Sunshine state you mean florida right?" I ask
"Yeah. Did you bring your pass port?" He asks
"Yeah you don't run away un prepared" I said
"Your a runaway?" Louis asks butting into our conversation
"Shook me all night" started to play Harry was turned around as Louis and Harry bobbed their head in the same rhythm making me giggle Louis put up the roof cause it was starting to get dark
"You shook me all night long!" They both sing at the same time. Louis yawns and looks really tired
"Louis why don't we stop at a hotel?" I ask
"Yeah Lou you look tired" Harry says
"I guess we could" he says we pull into a Comfort Inn and Louis pays for a room and we go up the only room that was available had 2 double beds only Harry went up as me and Lou went to get something to munch on I had made a plan that I would sleep in Harry's bed. But when we got up Harry was underneath his blankets shirt on the floor Louis looked at me
"Well you can sleep with me if you want" he says
"Ok" I say I sit one the edge of the bed and take off my jacket and heels my bare feet Louis looks at my feet
"Oh I don't wear socks" I said he smiles
"What?" I ask
"Me neither" he says he looks me over still seeing me in my jeans and tshirt
"Aren't you going to change?" He asks
"I didn't bring any PJs I forgot," I said
"Wanna wear some of my clothes?" He asks
"Sure thank you" I say he digs into his neat suit case making it messy and takes out a pair of grey track pans and a black Leeds Festival shirt and hands it to me I go and change and look at myself in the mirror chocolate brown hair brown eyes pink plump lips, I take my Bandana out and put it in my bag with my clothes and walk out I see Louis walking towards the bed with black track pants on with a plain white shirt in he smiles at me he lays under the blankets and opens them for me I go under the blankets and start to shiver it was really cold in the room when I feel warm arms go around me and I'm pulled against a warm chest I smile I turn and kiss his cheek
"Your a softy you know that" I say
"Mm" he moans in a tired tone I smile and turn around to face him his arms adjusting to my new placement I snuggle up to him putting my head under his chin engulfed in his warmth I fall asleep easily and dream about my prom night, which was a disaster but all of the sudden Louis emerges out if the crowed and takes my hand and in a flash I see us laughing on a picnic blanket. Could I be developing feelings for Louis?
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