Head Over Heels

Sky Tomlinson is funny, has an obsession with carrots, loves to sing, play guitar, and loves photography. She works at "Music Café" where new artists play music 12/7 for the hours they are open. Sky sings and plays guitar. She has amazing talent, just like her father, Louis Tomlinson. She loves country music, and that's the kind she writes. Maybe it started when she went to live with her grandma in Texas for a summer. Who knows? Sky writes love songs, but one day she actually writes a song about her crush, Jason Styles, son of her dad's bet friend, Harry Styles. What Sky doesn't know is someone else is after him too...


8. You're What.


I woke up with Jason's arm around me, my back pressed against his chest. I half-turned around, smiling, to see if he was awake. He was, and as soon as I half-turned around he kissed me.
We pulled apart. "I love you," I said breathlessly.
"I love you too," Jason said.
Then out of nowhere he started tickling me! 
"No! Gah! Stahhhppppp!!! STAHP! Stop! JASON STOP!" I said between laughs. "I CAN'T BREATHE!"
I pretended to faint.
Jason cussed. "Sky! Skyler!" He gave up and gave me mouth-to-mouth.
Immediately I kissed him back and he pulled away and looked at me grudgingly. "You were faking weren't you."
I nodded, blushing.
He glared at me and shook his head. "I can't stay mad at you..." And kissed me...again.
I pulled away. "C'mon, let's go get changed."
Jason raised his eyebrows.
"At our own houses."
"Oh, phew."
I rolled my eyes and laughed.
We walked hand in hand to our houses. 
Walking in the door, my dad gave me a look and said, "And where were you, last night young lady?"
"With Jason at the clubhouse..."
"All night?!"
"Um, yeah...?"
"Stop it with the sass!"
I raised my eyebrows at him. "You're one to talk."
He shook his head. "Ugh, FINE. So, just one question, you two AREN'T dating?"
"DAD!!!!!!" I screamed. "WE ARE DATING! GOOD BYE!"
I ran upstairs, trying to block out all the laughs coming from my parents.
I slammed the door to my room and stripped. Then I realized my window was opened. Thank the lord Jason's was closed. To be safe, I tied a blanket around myself and closed the first curtain, as Jason opened his, having finished changing. Oh shoot.
Jason's eye's got wide, then he doubled over laughing and turned away.
If I could have smacked him then, I would.
After I pulled on jean shorts, converse, t-shirt, and bra, and headed outside. As soon as I got outside I walked up to him sitting on his front steps and smacked him.
"What was that for?!" Jason yelled.
"You know what it's for!" I said whilst french braiding my hair up into a pony tail, then into a messy bun. I've gotten pretty good at it, it only takes me a minute. 
After I finished, Jason said, "Wanna go get breakfast at iHop?"
"YES?! Do you know me AT ALL?!" I screamed. I love waffles. With strawberries. And other fruits. But mostly strawberries. A LOT of strawberries.
"Of course I do! I'm dating you, aren't I!" Jason said.
I smiled and he took my hand in his. "Let's go."
We walked down the sidewalk to his car.
My phone in hand, I got into his silver convertible. We drove off, and 15 minutes later we arrived at iHop.
After we had ordered, Jason said, "Look, Sky, there's something I've been meaning to tell you."
"What?" I said, taking a sip of my orange juice. 
"Uh, well,"
"Hi, guys. Here are your orders. Strawberry covered waffles with whipped-cream and syrup, and regular waffles with whipped-cream, cherries, and syrup."
She left, and I nodded to Jason. "Continue."
He swallowed nervously. What was so important it took this long?!
"Well, you know how I wanted to go to a different college?"
I nodded.
"Well, my mom and I were talking and I got accepted into a college in, uh, Arizona."
Oh my gosh. We live in Florida. 
"Well, I'll have to go to college too. We can text, face time, and spend the whole summer together."
"But, here's the thing. They want me to come early."
Suddenly my waffles didn't taste so good.
"What...?" I was starting to cry. "How...how early?"
"Um. In...in two weeks," he said with his eyes closed.
"I have enough credits to graduate early, so..."
I swallowed. "Ok. If you want to go... I mean, we have two weeks."
Jason held my hand across the table. "You'll be ok, right?"
I nodded, closing my eyes. "Yeah, just fine,"
And then I lost it and a tear escaped.
Jason slid over and made room on the bench next to him and put his arm around me as we finished our waffles.

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