Head Over Heels

Sky Tomlinson is funny, has an obsession with carrots, loves to sing, play guitar, and loves photography. She works at "Music Café" where new artists play music 12/7 for the hours they are open. Sky sings and plays guitar. She has amazing talent, just like her father, Louis Tomlinson. She loves country music, and that's the kind she writes. Maybe it started when she went to live with her grandma in Texas for a summer. Who knows? Sky writes love songs, but one day she actually writes a song about her crush, Jason Styles, son of her dad's bet friend, Harry Styles. What Sky doesn't know is someone else is after him too...


5. Torture


Today was torture, let me tell you. TORTURE.
So as soon as Jason and I got on the bus, me wearing my new glasses, we saw a new girl sitting in our seat. She was wearing clean new tom's, jeans, and a t-shirt. She had straight brown hair and brown eyes. Her side bangs swept across the side of her forehead with the rest of her hair in a ponytail. Total tomboy newbie. 
Jason and I looked at each other. She noticed us and said, "Oh, I'm sorry, is this your normal seat?"
Jason, being the complete and utter male that he is, said, "Uh, yeah?!"
I rolled my eyes. "Jason," I said with an edge to my voice. "Will be happy to sit elsewhere while I make nice, ok?" I said with a pointed look at Jason.
Jason rolled his eyes, those beautiful green eyes, and sat a couple seats away.
"So what's your name?" I asked.
"Cory," she replied.
"Did you just move here?"
"Kind of, I um, see-"
Just then, Shawn walked in. Ugh. She glanced at Cory and rolled her eyes, obviously she knew her. Cory slouched in her seat.
"I moved to a different house...and I changed," Cory said dully. "I used to wear a ton of make-up and look like that," she looked over at Shawn. "But then I felt like it just wasn't me, you know?"
I nodded.
"So I changed. Shawn and I are-were," she corrected herself, "best friends. Now, we act like we don't even know each other. I went to the store yesterday and threw out all my old clothes."
So that's why I'd never seen her around. I never EVER fit on with that crowd, and tried not to pay any attention to them either.
"Well, Cory, thank you for sharing," I said and smiled. "Now, it's my turn. I am Sky, short for Skyler. I am totally 100% tomboyish, here to help you with all of your tomboy needs. I climb trees then fall out of them, I am into photography and music. I sing, like my dad, Louis Tomlinson, you've probably heard of him. 'One of the biggest heart throbs of 2012.' And Jason is my best friend. Oh, and I have a great sense of humor."
Cory smiled. "Nice to meet you, Skyler."
I smiled. "Please, call me Sky."
Now how was this torture? Oh, wait and see what Shawn does once she finds I've "stolen" her best friend.

~~~At School~~~

I walked to my locker and got it open with only a few times of yelling at Darren to move. I dumped all my stuff and turned around to see Shawn bearing down on me like a swarm of angry bees.
"Woah," I said.
"Yeah. Woah." Shawn said, mimicking my tone. "Stay away from Cory, or you're going to regret it," she said like some top-notch villainess.
"Um, who are you to tell me who my friends are and aren't?" I asked.
"Just stay away!" She said as she turned on one heel and flicked her hair into my face and walked away.
Yeesh, what a drama queen.
But it gets worse.

~~~Walking To Lunch~~~

I was walking to lunch when I saw Cory and decided to catch up and walk with her to lunch. Shawn doesn't scare me. Cory smiled once she saw me.
"So what did you think of Mrs. Dane's lesson?" I asked.
Turns out Cory and I have 2 and 5 together, which are math and language arts. Mrs. Dane is our LA teacher/
"I thought that while it was good, the lesson could have focused more on the adverbs and how it modifies rather then the complex, stick to the basics, then go for the complex." Cory said. She went on to talk about it until I stopped her.
"Wow, Cory, you're smart! Now stop making my brain turn to mush please?" I begged.
Cory laughed. "Ok, ok."
Just then Shawn stepped in front of us. "Sky. I told you to stay away from MY best friend."
Cory laughed. "Your best friend? I decided to change and you told me either change and leave, or stay the same and be BFFS. Some best friend you are."
Shawn seemed to get really mad. "I only said that because I didn't want you to change! I like you just the way you were!"
"But I didn't! I wanted to change and as my best friend you should have respected that!" Cory wailed.
The bell rang, and we were the only ones in the hallway now. It didn't matter, it was lunch.
"Guys, c'mon," I said. "If you were best friends then you would be having fun talking and walking to lunch because you accepted the other's change! She doesn't belong to you, Shawn. You can't make here be somebody else."
Shawn yelled at me, "What do you even know about her?! We've been best friends since the third grade!" With that she shoved me and knocked me onto the floor.
"What was that for?!" I yelled.
"Stealing my best friend!"
"Guys, stop!" Cory yelled. "Shawn if this is how you act as a person then I don't even want to be your friend! Good luck finding a new one!" With that, she ran towards the cafeteria.
I looked at Shawn. "Shawn, give it up," I said and walked away towards the direction Cory went.
Shawn pounced on me and I yelled trying to get her off. Man, this girl is vicious! Just then a teacher came walking down the hallway.
"Simpson, Tomlinson! Office, NOW," she yelled.
Crud. Crud crud crud.


Shawn and I both got detention for fighting in the hallway and laying a hand on the other. So here I am, knowing I'm dead when I get home, sitting here staring at the wall sitting next to Shawn. What fun.
I think I'm going to puke.

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