Head Over Heels

Sky Tomlinson is funny, has an obsession with carrots, loves to sing, play guitar, and loves photography. She works at "Music Café" where new artists play music 12/7 for the hours they are open. Sky sings and plays guitar. She has amazing talent, just like her father, Louis Tomlinson. She loves country music, and that's the kind she writes. Maybe it started when she went to live with her grandma in Texas for a summer. Who knows? Sky writes love songs, but one day she actually writes a song about her crush, Jason Styles, son of her dad's bet friend, Harry Styles. What Sky doesn't know is someone else is after him too...


7. Hold Me

6. Hold Me

After my math test, I headed for Visual Arts, or VA, as I like to say.
I plopped down in my seat and gazed around the somewhat familiar room. We don't sit in desks, instead we have tables, numbered one through seven. I sit at table four, about in the middle of the room, with Dani, Sarah, and Tommy. Sierra sat at table five, but otherwise there was no one else in the group of eleven (or twelve if Cory starts to date) in this art class. Jason was in my eight period art class.
Tubs of paint, one tub for each table, were lined in a cabinet. Same with colored pencils, just thrown into a colored tub. Each table had a color, and the tub with the corresponding color was your table's tub. In the back was the sink and a counter with our paint brushes, palettes, and water cups (washed out yogurt cups). Paper towels hung in a dispenser over the counter. A shelf next to the counter held books on art, and a storage room held other supplies. Then of course the teacher's desk was in front of all our tables.
Mrs. Derminheimer (weird last name, I know), began to teach. "Blah blah blah, remember to do a color scheme, blah, begin!"
I began sketching my cartoon character. Our project was to draw a cartoon character on a piece of paper the size of a fourth of our 18 by 9 inch paper, and then on the 18 by 9 draw it four times after dividing the paper into fourths. After we draw it, we go to the light board (a drawing board with light shining through so you can trace what you've previously drawn) and trace it four times. Then we paint one fourth the original, then all the others different color schemes, like warm, cool, monochromatic. I can't wait! I'm doing Bugs Bunny. Fun, fun, fun!!!
I finished drawing him and showed him to Mrs. Derminheimer.
"Oh," she said like I had presented her what I called a master piece and what she called a tragedy. "Um, honey, I think his ears should go a little more this way," she drew a few lines. "And his body is much too skinny, let's take a look at the original." We walked over, and I stood with my hand on my hip and waited for her to make the realization. 
"Oh." She said. "Oh, oh. You did it wonderfully, it's just not colored so you can't tell he's supposed to be in that position..." her voice trailed off. "Ok, you're good to go."
I smirked at Dani as she walked away.
"You go girl!" She high fived me. 
"Remind me," Sarah began, "Are you the one with a degree in Art, or is she?"
I smiled. "Me." And I walked over to the light board to begin tracing.

~~~Skip Theater Arts (I totally rocked it, by the way), And Off to Lunch~~~

In the cafeteria our tables bend in half, so it's more like two tables connected that bend at the connection. At one table, or a half of the total table, you can have up to four people to a side, so eight at each table. With the total connected table, it's 16. We have five empty spots at ours now, used to be six. But Cory sits here now.
Across the whole two tables (eight possible, but only five taken up), it goes Jason, blank spot, Sean, Josh, (next table now) Tommy, and Nathan. As you can see, all boys. Across from Jason is mwah, or me, but it's more fun this way. Cory across from the blank spot, Sarah across from Sean, Taylor across from Josh, Sierra across from Tommy, and Dani across from Nathan.
As you can probably tell, it's boyfriends across from girlfriends, if Jason were my boyfriend. The thought makes me almost wishful, cross he isn't mine. I think, or I want to think, I'm in love. Just to feel him hold me once, love me once, it'd mean the world. Oh, woe is me.
"SKYLER MARIE TOMLINSON!" Jason yelled, maybe for the fifth time? I don't know, I was zoned out.
"WHAT, JASON DREW STYLES?!" I yelled as loud as he had, louder even.
"Sorry, just I kept trying to get your attention and it seemed like you were shrugging me off," he admitted.
"Sorry, what?"
"Well, the other guys were wondering if everyone who sits at this table wanted to go out for a group outing this Saturday night. The other girls are all for it. What do you think?" Jason said.
"I think," I said slowly, "That it's a wonderful idea! Cory, will you come?"
"Oh, but I don't have a boyfriend," Cory said. "Wouldn't I be kind of an outsider?"
"Uh, Cory, I'm also single," I said, like it was obvious.
She creased her brow. "But I thought you and Jason were dating..."
I got bright red and Jason looked down. He mumbled something and I think it was, 'I wish.'
I caught my breath. Holy cow... He did not...
"Jason," I said cautiously. "Did you just say...?"
Then JASON got red in the face and Cory looked back and forth and suddenly realized the reality of the moment.
"I...I mean, I didn't, I've liked, I just..." Jason stuttered.
"Um, let's go in the hallway," I asked, glancing at Cory. "Where we can sort things in private."
We walked out into the hallway, and Jason started to speak. I plunged in head-first talking about my feelings.
"And, that song?" I began to finish. "It...it was for you."
"Wow." Jason sat there, taking it all in. His expression was expressionless. I wanted to cry. I took a risk and now it wasn't paying off. He didn't like me back. But then, then he took me in his arms and rested his head on my chin.
"I've always felt the same way," he said. "Ever since we sat on that blanket gazing at the stars when we were nine."


In the field behind our houses the Styles and the Tomlinsons were having a cookout. Back then, I was nine and Evelyn was four, five year difference. Jason and I were sitting on a blanket and soon began chasing each other around.
 I heard Harry and Dad joking around, saying, "Watch, just you watch, one day they'll grow up to fall in love."
Mum and Eve just smiled. Soon, after we had all eaten, the stars had come out and we gazed up at them. It truly was a beautiful night.

~~~Flashback Over~~~

I started to tear up. I'd waited for so long for this moment, and Dad was right. I know I'm in love. I told Jason so. I'm so happy.
"Sky, how do we tell them?" Jason asked.
"Oh." I was kind of taken aback. I've never thought of having to tell them, but Taylor and Josh were dating. Why not us?
"Well," I said. "Maybe...um, we could... dive in head-first and if we jumped too high and crack our heads open then it was worth the jump." I said.
Jason laughed. "Ok, dive head-first."
We walked in holding hands and I swear, the whole cafeteria cheered.
"It's about time!"
"Now we can rest, we don't have to get them together any more!"
I slid in my seat and looked at Dani and Taylor, who were beet-red and were trying so hard not to laugh I think they were going to wet their pants.
"What," I said, my voice dangerously calm, "did you two DO?"
"Uh, well, you see..." Dani began.
"Everyone sorta knew," Taylor added.
"That you two should be together..." Dani finished the sentence.
"And we sorta figured..."
"That the whole school..."
"Could maybe sorta try to get you guys together?" Taylor finished, sorta.
I almost smacked her right then and there, and I would've too, but Jason caught my arm.
I turned and looked at him, almost melted, too, but that didn't matter. "Aww, c'mon," I said. "Please?"
"NO! No! Not please!" Taylor instantly protested.
I gave her a grudging look. "You're lucky you're my best friend," I said.
After school, later in the day, Jason and I went to the forest for a picnic dinner on... a date I guess... Wait... I'm on a date with the guy I love. Score!
Jason and I ate and laughed and talked. It was magical. We went up to the tree house and sat with our dessert, ice cream. 
After a while of gazing up at the stars, I said, "Hold me."
It wasn't a question, or a demand, or really anything but a thought spoken aloud.
But Jason obliged. Since it was a Friday, we stayed there all night, going to bed in the sleeping bags at around 2 in the morning or so. I must say, time does fly when you're chatting with your best friend- I mean, boyfriend.

I think I'm the happiest girl in the world.

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