Head Over Heels

Sky Tomlinson is funny, has an obsession with carrots, loves to sing, play guitar, and loves photography. She works at "Music Café" where new artists play music 12/7 for the hours they are open. Sky sings and plays guitar. She has amazing talent, just like her father, Louis Tomlinson. She loves country music, and that's the kind she writes. Maybe it started when she went to live with her grandma in Texas for a summer. Who knows? Sky writes love songs, but one day she actually writes a song about her crush, Jason Styles, son of her dad's bet friend, Harry Styles. What Sky doesn't know is someone else is after him too...


3. College


~~~The Next Morning~~~

"Sky!!! Wake up, otherwise your father'll get the water bucket!" Mom yelled from downstairs.
I looked at the clock: 5:30!! I didn't even have to get up yet!
The sky was still dark, thousands of tiny stars dotting the sky. The BIRDS weren't even up yet.
"Mom! What's the rush!"
"You're running before school remember?!"
Great. I got up and pulled running clothes on.

~~~Twenty sweaty, cold, long minutes later~~~

I had just run three, long, leg-aching miles. It hurt...a lot. I decided to walk through the woods by the creek for a cool-down, which I really needed.
I entered the cool, cold forest. The animals were just starting to wake up. It was beautiful.
Soon i realized habit had lead me to the tree house that Jason and I had when we were younger. But...someone was inside.
Was I timid? Did I shy away? Leave? OH NO. I climbed up the tree in record time, hands and feet moving like a monkey's to tell that guy to get outta there. This is MY town.
I thrust my head through the hole in the floor. But it wasn't...a stranger.
It was Jason!
At first he didn't notice me. He was sitting in the middle of the tree house, looking around at our drawings and art the covered the crude, wooden walls. He was looking at the cardboard table with paper flowers we had made for decoration. He was looking at the sleeping bags in the corner for sleep overs when we were younger. He was looking at all of our memories, wrapped up into one, single tree house. Pictures, both drawings and camera taken, hung all over the walls, capturing moments in time of happiness, sadness, birthdays, birthday parties, and our time together.
I smiled. I climbed the rest of the way through, making no noise whatsoever. I crept up behind him, took a silent, deep breath, and said, "BOO!!!"
Jason jumped and swung his arm behind him.
I ducked and said, "HEY! Watch what you're doing, you're gonna knock my head outta these shoulders!"
He laughed. "Well, if you wouldn't sneak up on me like that, I wouldn't DO that!"
I smiled. "So what are you doing?"
"I needed a place to think, wrap my head around this whole 'college' idea my mom has for me. I know I'm smart, but, am I smart enough to get into Harvard? Money isn't a problem. It's all on me."
I sat there thinking. Harvard? Harvard. Harvard, the college Jason's mom, Eve, wanted him to go to. She had big dreams for him, she really did. But did he share those dreams? Harry tells Jason to go with his heart. Not his mom's heart.
"Well, is Harvard what YOU want, or what your mom wants?"
"I...don't know..." he said, looking down.
I sighed. "Tell you what, let's each go home, get ready for school, and on the bus we'll talk."
He smiled. "Same old, same old, huh?"
I smirked. "I'm sorry, did you say sane? Because you are absolutely, positively, 100% WRONG! And I'M the crazy one."
He gave me a look like, "Shut up." Aloud, he said, "Alright. See ya."
With that, he swung through the hole and clambered down the tree.
I sighed. I gazed around the tree house, silently, inwardly crying. I want him to be mine, I want to be his, I want him to know...
I sighed again and climbed down, running all the way home.

~~~A short run home later~~~

I got home, ran up stairs to take a shower, only to find Evelyn, the annoying thirteen year-old sister that she is, was already in there. So I decided to go eat and save time.
When I entered the kitchen, I saw five year old Emma was already there eating her favorite cereal: Captain Crunch. She likes to "get a head start on the day."
I smiled. "Hey little girl!" I said.
She wrinkled her nose. "You're all sweaty."
I laughed. Why did I have to be the only tomboy? Evelyn was both, but if you got exact, she's 70% girly, 30% tomboy.
"Well, you can't exercise hard and not get sweaty, Emma."
"I don't care. I'm girly and I'm proud!"
I rolled my eyes. Sheesh, you'd think she was a princess and I was a peasant by the way SHE acted.
I pulled out a box of Honey Nut Cheerios and poured myself some, poured in the milk and then got a glass of orange juice, and sat down to eat.
Once I was finished I put away my bowl and cup.
Evelyn came down just then and said, "Did I keep you waiting?"
"A little."
I can't wait till Mom has her baby. I'm hoping it's a boy.

~~~On the Bus~~~

I plumped down in Jason and I's usual seat. Since we're the only houses around for miles, we're the first ones picked up and the last ones dropped off, so we get first choice of seating.
Just then Jason got on. "Hey, Sky."
"Well, a peppy hello to you too!" I said sarcastically.
"Sorry, it's just, my mom was going on and on about how since Georgia got into college at Harvard, I should too. But I'm not Georgia. I'm her younger brother."
I sat there thinking. I don't get why Eve puts so much pressure on him. Georgia barely got any pressure and did just fine, so she should know not to put any on Jason. Eve can be a little...let's say bossy about her children and where they go and what they do and what they say.
"Well, I think you should talk to Eve," I said. "I mean, Georgia barely got any pressure and made it just fine. So why can't you? And maybe you should say that YOU want to decide where YOU to go college?"
"You're right. I'll talk to mom when I get home."
"Good. And to make sure you do, I'm coming with you."
I saw a scene then that I just couldn't miss. I pulled out my camera quickly and snapped a photo of Jason.
"Hey! What was that for?"
"Look at it, you look confused, angry, and scared all at once!"
"Yeah, I guess it is pretty good."
"Are you kidding me? It's a gold mine! Would you give me permission to enter it in a competition? I've been waiting for a picture to enter!"
"Ok, find."
Just then...
"Snob alert! Snob alert!" I whispered.
Jason laughed. "Got that right!"
Shawn Sampson walked by just then. I need say, she's snobby, 250%! girly, and a down right... Uh, let's go with...uhhh oh! Down right mean. Down to the core. The core I tell you! Anyway, she's one of those popular, mean, nasty girls that you see in movies or read in books. I swear, if my life were a book, I skip to the end and hope she moved, left, actually became a nice person (like THAT will happen).
She walked by in her high-heeled shoes with her designer outfit and matching purse. Her hair was tied up in a fancy braided bun.
I looked down at my ratty sky blue converse and my skinny jeans with a rip in the knee. And my t-shirt and how my hair was just down, and I had a book bag and no "designer" purse.
I really don't see why she goes through all of that prepping in the morning. Honestly, I'm perfectly happy the way I am.
"Anyway," Jason was saying, "So you're coming to my house after school then?"
And then the bus pulled up to the school.
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