In Love With My Teacher

Amber Miller's familly is one of the richest families in Europe. She has a perfect life, perfect relationship, no drama family, well that's what everyone thinks. Amber has an abusive father and her mom doesn't even know! She has a boyfriend who just cares about popularity. What happens when she gets a new English teacher? What happens if Amber starts to develop feelings for him? Her life is just a fucked up problem, can her new English teacher fix it or cost her more trouble?


1. First Day

Amber's P.O.V.

"I'm at a payphone trying to call home." I turned up the radio as I drived to school in my white M3 BMW Convertible. I took out my favorite pair of sunglasses and put them on. As soon as the trafic lights turned green, I sped down the streets leaving everything behind me. Just wished I could get rid of my problems like that it isn't easy.

My name is Amber Isabella Miller. I'm seventeen years old and all I wanna do is escape the problems in my life. My parents are rich and we're one of the richest families in Europe. Papparazzi hiding everywhere and follows you everywhere you go and that gives me no privacy. You might think I'm really lucky to be in this position but trust me I'm not.

My dad is Steven Miller. He is a world famous actor and he owns 6 mansions along with my mom. My mom, Victoria Miller is a singer. She had a few platinum albums and lots of number 1 singles. After a few years in her singing career, she started a fashion line by herself and it wasn't bad.

I parked my car in parking lot and my friends started walking towards me. This is a school for rich kids and children of famous celebrities so no one would freak out unlike the other schools. I am what they call a "popular" but I don't freaking care about popularity. But unlike my boyfriend Louis Tomlinson, being popular was his life along with some freaky friends of his.

I greeted my friends and we all walked to our lockers together. When we were walking in the hallways, everyone just stared and whispered things about us. I walked to English class with my best friend Skylar and sat down in my regular seat waitng for the teacher to come. Rumors says that there's a new teacher in English and everyone said he was pretty hot and looked under 20. Well let's see if it's true or not. I heard footsteps coming and it gets louder and louder by the second. I looked up from my desk to see a beautiful guy with the perfect black quiff and a bit blonde tip... It wasn't too long after I realized I just checked my new English teacher out while I have a boyfriend. Well no one said you can't check other guys out when you're taken. I shook my head no cause there are already enough problems in my fucked up life and I don't need feelings for a teacher.

I endured English since his gorgeous looks were distracting me from my learning. He sometimes catches me looking at him and smiled at me. What is this person doing to me? I rushed out of the classroom and went to my next class.



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