Falling for a bad boy (a Zayn Malik fanfic)

An 18 year old girl named Jeyci gets a job working as one directions hair stylist. Her favorite member is Zayn Malik but she doesnt want to end up falling for him because she thinks he has too much of a bad boy reputation. what will she do when she finds out Zayn is crushing on her and she realises she is falling hard for him? Will Zayn liking her ruin everything and hurt some people or will it make everyone happy.


2. Talking to him

Jeyci's P.O.V

Now that we all knew who each other were it was time to get to work. First i did Niall's hair. He didn't talk very much. He came off as a shy guy in person. I simply just spiked his hair up with some jell and I was done fixing his hair. It was pretty easy. Then came Liam who actually talked. He was a real nice guy. He seemed as if he was the most mature and nowledgeable one out of the whole group. There wasnt much to do with his hair considering he barely had any. I brushed his hair forward and thought it looked good. Next was Louis. He was really fun to talk to. He seemed as if a happy bubbly person. i spiked his hair up too but it wasnt exactly the smae as Niall's it was just a bit different. Then came Harry. He came offas the flirty type of guy. All i did with Harry's hair was brush it out and then blow dryed it. It seemed to look pretty good and natural. Last but not least came Zayn.

Zayn's P.O.V

When it was my turn to get my hair styled i hought that now would be a good time to ask her if she would like to go to dinner with me. When i walked in I sat down so she could style my hair. I didnt really know how to start a conversation with her cause i was super nervous so i simply jus said hi. She of course said hi back and smiled at me. I wanted to know a little about her so i asked her to tell me about her self. She told me that she was 18, she was from Chesterfield, and is an only child. It seemed as if she didnt really have a lot to say and I was running out of things to ask her. I knew that i should just ask her now.

Jeyci"s POV

Zayn wanted to know a little about me so i told him. There wasnt lots to say really. I felt like i wasnt very intresting.I was watching Zayn as i was finnishing stylling his hair. I was putting his hair in a quif like it usually is. It looked like he was tryin to tell me something bu couldnt get it out. All of a sudden out of no where he asked me if i would want to have dinner ith him after the interview. So many things were going on in my head like, you shouldn't go if this ends badly it could effect your job, and dont go after another bad boy. What was i suppose to say?


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