Falling for a bad boy (a Zayn Malik fanfic)

An 18 year old girl named Jeyci gets a job working as one directions hair stylist. Her favorite member is Zayn Malik but she doesnt want to end up falling for him because she thinks he has too much of a bad boy reputation. what will she do when she finds out Zayn is crushing on her and she realises she is falling hard for him? Will Zayn liking her ruin everything and hurt some people or will it make everyone happy.


5. Getting ready

Jeyci's P.O.V.

While the boys interview was going on I decided to go home and pick out something to wear for when I go for dinner tonight with Zayn. So many thoughts were rushing through my head. I didnt really know if this would be a good idea or not but I decided that I should take a chance even though I already knew this wasnt going to work out good at all. I think the thing im most afraid of is losing my job when something ends up going wrong. I really need this job, and it pays pretty well if i say so myself.


Zayn's P.O.V.

Throughout the whole interview all i could think about was the date i had tonight with Jeyci tonight. I was so excited. But suddenly the interviewer knocked me out my thoughts when she asked me a question. I asked her if she could repeat the question again since i didnt hear it the first time and she was asking me if I have  moved on from Perri and am seeing any other girls yet. I decided to break it off with Perri about 7 months ago. I smiled at the question and answered the question by telling the interviewer that there was one girl i was pretty intrested in at the moment. Niall smiled at me cause he knew who it was. All the other boys were looking at me with confused looks wondering who. the interviewer didnt ask me another question about that subject the rest of the interview.

When the interview was over i told the boys i was heading out early today. And they all shook they're heads as an okay. Niall had a smirk on face cause again he knew why. His smirk made me laugh a bit. When i left i wenthome and started getting ready there was about 45 minutes till i had to pick Jeyci up. Hopefully tonight will go good. Im pretty nervous but the funny thing is i dont know why. I have never really felt nervous about things like this before. It's kind of wierd to me. 




Note: I am so sorry i havent updated. I know i said i would but my teachers have been giving me so much homework and we just got out of exams week. I am going to try my hardest to update everynight. 

Thank you everyone who reads this story!!!!!!!<3

Comment if you have ideas for what should happen on the date.I would really appriciate it. Thank you all again.


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