Falling for a bad boy (a Zayn Malik fanfic)

An 18 year old girl named Jeyci gets a job working as one directions hair stylist. Her favorite member is Zayn Malik but she doesnt want to end up falling for him because she thinks he has too much of a bad boy reputation. what will she do when she finds out Zayn is crushing on her and she realises she is falling hard for him? Will Zayn liking her ruin everything and hurt some people or will it make everyone happy.


7. Day With Zayn

Zayn's POV

The next morning I woke up with Jeyci in my arms. She looked like an angel when she was asleep. While she slept I just stayed there watching her savouring this moment. By the time it was 9:00 I decided to wake her up. I took a lot of shaking but I finally got the job done. She woke up and we headed down stairs to have breakfast. It was silent between the both of us until finally she asked me if would like to do something with her today. 

Jeyci's POV 

After a long moment of silence I finally asked Zayn if he would wanna do something with me today. I felt like I had to make it up to him after what happene last night. We decide on going to the movies. I wore some skin tight black skinny jeans with a white shirt that fit slim. To go with it I wore a scarf with some high top Jordan's and a leather jacket. Then I drove Zayn to his flat so he could get changed. His flat was really nice it looked much bigger than mine. He came out wearing some black jeans a grey t-shirt, converse and a letterman jacket. We drove off to the movies and decided we would watch The Purge. The movie was really freaky but I loved it. Scary movies were my absolute favorite. After the movie ended me and Zayn decided to go eat out. We went to Olive Garden. I order a salad and Zayn ordered the Chicken Parmesan. The whole time we ate he asked me lots of questions about my life. But thank god he didn't ask about my family because I think I might have just broke down right into his arms.  We finished eating and Zayn took me home. He walked me all the way up to my flat. So I had a great time with you he finally said. I did to I said. Maybe we can go out another time, yeah? he asked. I told him of course. Before he left he hugged me and took off. 


sorry I had to make this chapter short I had softball practice to go to and my phone was dying. But that just means the next one will be longer and their will defiantly be another date. Keep reading to see what happens. Any ideas? Just comment and tell me how I'm doing.

Thanks again for everything(: 

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