Falling for a bad boy (a Zayn Malik fanfic)

An 18 year old girl named Jeyci gets a job working as one directions hair stylist. Her favorite member is Zayn Malik but she doesnt want to end up falling for him because she thinks he has too much of a bad boy reputation. what will she do when she finds out Zayn is crushing on her and she realises she is falling hard for him? Will Zayn liking her ruin everything and hurt some people or will it make everyone happy.


6. 1st Date Gone Wrong

Jeyci's POV

After taking what seemed like forever to find something to wear I finally came just the right outfit. Zayn had told me to wear something nice. I had decided on wearing a loose faded pink tank top tucked into a tight black pencil skirt that stopped at mid thigh. I wore some black heels to go with it. I had also decided on curling my hair but I tried not to take forever. Finally when I was with all my hair and make up I heard on knock on my door. He was right on time. 

I went to go open the door smiling to myself just to stop quickly. It wasn't zany who was at my door. I had no clue who it was but i knew what they wee here to hurt me. I made a sudden move and tried to make a run for it. But just my luck I wasn't quick enough. The person grabbed my wrist and pulled me back covering my mouth and dragged me to a closet in the back part of my flat. I didn't try anything that could get me hurt because I knew Zayn would be here soon and would be able to help me. So I did as told and stayed quite and didn't move. Even though I was terribly frightened. 


Zayn's POV

i drove up to Jeyci's flat. I smiled to myself I was just on time. I grabbed the flowers out of the passengers seat and went up and knocked on the door. The first few times I didn't get an answer but then I heard some shuffling around and a scream and knew something was up. I tried opening the door thankfully it was unlocked. I knew that the scream had come from the back of the flat so I made my way back there quietly, but fast. I walked up to a closet and opened it slowly and carefully finding jeyci with a frightened look in her eyes.  I looked at her with a questioning look as her eyes widened. I turned around just in enough time to duck from what was about to hit me. Quickly I tackled the guy in all black to the ground and started punching him. Quickly he was knocked out cold. I told Jeyci to call the cops and they got there just in enough time to arrest the guy before he could wake up. We had no clue who he was or what he had wanted. I went to find Jeyci sitting on the couch after the police left. I could tell she was frightened. I told her that it probably was best for us to stay at her flat and not go out. She just nodded in agreement. That night she was still scared. When I had got up to leave she stood up and begged me not to go. She had asked me to stay the night with her. 

Jeyci's POV

I  don't know what had gotten into me but I had to admit to myself I really did have some feelings for this boy. I asked him- more like begged- to stay the night with me. He said of course he would. By 11:30 we both started getting tired so we decided to go lay down in bed. Soon enough I ended falling asleep in his arms. I felt lots of warmth from him. 

Zayn's POV

Right when we had gone up to bed Jeyci fell asleep in my arms almost immediately. I took the moment to just look at her. She was absolutely, stunningly, beautiful. I sat there and just played with her hair until finally I drifted of with her in my arms.  


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