Falling for a bad boy (a Zayn Malik fanfic)

An 18 year old girl named Jeyci gets a job working as one directions hair stylist. Her favorite member is Zayn Malik but she doesnt want to end up falling for him because she thinks he has too much of a bad boy reputation. what will she do when she finds out Zayn is crushing on her and she realises she is falling hard for him? Will Zayn liking her ruin everything and hurt some people or will it make everyone happy.


1. First day

Jeyci's P.O.V

Today was my very first day starting my new job and i couldnt wait, but at the same time i was super nervous. I was One directions new hair stylist. I was suprised to ge the job because I'm only 18 years old. so im pretty young. I am pretty excied to meet one direction because they are my favorite band in the whole entire world. my favorie member is Zayn Malik. As much as i loved Zayn Malik I knew that if i ever had a chance to meet him him, and in some parallel universe he actually liked me that i should not get myself into anyhing like that. Sure he was handsome, with sweet eyes, and was an amaZAYN singer but he seemed to have a bad boy reputation and i knew from past experiences that realationships with bad boys never worked out.

*************meeting the boys*****************

I was in a room talking to Simon Cowell when I saw six familiar faces out of the corner of my eye entering the room. First was their bodyguard Paul, then Louis, Liam, Niall, Harry, and Zayn. Simon introduced all the boys o me and then I was time to get to work because the boys had an interview in 2 hours.

Zayn’s P.O.V

When I walked in the room and noticed a beautiful girl with long brown straight hair, blue eyes, and tan colored skin. I tried my best not to stare because I didn’t want to come off as creepy. When Simon introduced us all to her I was quite happy to hear she would be are hair stylist. I knew that since she would probably be working with us a lot that maybe I actually had a chance with her because she couldn’t use the excuse we will never see each other.

Jeyci”s P.O.V

When Simon was introducing everyone I caught a glimpse out of Zayn out of the corner of my eye. First I was thinking maybe he liked me but then I realized of course he is looking at me Simon is introducing everyone they are probably all looking at me. I am starting to realize I really like Zayn and haven’t even met him and I really don’t need another relationship with a bad boy. Ughh my job isnt gonna be as easy as i thought.


First story hope u guys like it.





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